Norfolk Gazelles Championship Relay

It’s the first time this 5k relay race has been run but, as you can expect from Norfolk Gazelles, it was really well done.  Each team comprises of 4 runners, who run the same 5k loop and come back to the finish line before their next team runner goes. Our team was me, Cat, Paul and Rob J.

Once the race got going (well done to Cat btw for going 1st!) it was pretty quick and well organised. I was particularly impressed with Gazelles marshals who stood on the start/finish line calling out team numbers of runners on the home stretch so your next runner could get to the front, ready to go.

It was a nice course on closed roads, lovely downhill to start but, as we all know with a downhill comes an uphill/mound of opportunity! This one came at 3-4K and very sorry to Kevin, I completely ignored your training and didn’t look up as I couldn’t face looking at it!

Looking at the results I think we came 29th overall and 3rd in our category (mixed masters) so big pat on the back Gin Runners – that deserves a gin or two!! 😆

Paula (23C)

Official Times:
Cat – 24:25
Paul – 22:28
Paula – 23:39
Rob – 21:54
Total – 1:32:28 (3rd in category)

East Coast 10k

An early start from Wells and it was pouring down all the way there – not an auspicious start. Also we were still a bit bleary from flying into Heathrow on Wednesday and I still had the remains of a cold and a growling voice to prove it. Nevertheless, when we arrived in a Great Yarmouth, the rain stopped although the winds continued.

We found the car park, put our Great Yarmouth Road Runners logo in the window so parking would be free, and set of to find the school that was Race HQ for the day. That was easy – we just followed everyone else. Registration was similarly easy – lots of people on iPads. You  told them your month an date of birth and were given the next available number – very efficient! We pinned on our numbers at the usual less than perfect angle, visited the pupils’ toilets and set off to find the start which was on a running track just off the promenade.

Before long it was line up time – we could see the Mayor in his regalia but couldn’t hear a word that was said. And then we were off on the more or less two loop course along the promenade with the sea on one side and hotels well past their glory days on the other. Before long, there was local Wells runner James O’Neill on his way back – in third place.  It was dry, but it wasn’t until you turned on the first return loop that you realised it was windy and the return part was into a strong head wind. So turning to start the second lap was something of a relief, although running with the wind behind you made breathing harder work. Nevertheless, my pacing was going well and I was on target with about 5 minute kilometres to finish in just under an hour. Then I heard Amberley call my name and just managed to wave and call back – she was on the final return loop.

But by now the wind had got up more, my knee was hurting (as usual!) and I slipped back to just over 6 minute kilometres for the last couple of kilometres. And then it was turning onto the race track for the last 300 metres and crossing the finishing line just a few seconds slower than my target. A medal, water, banana and a T-shirt and then just a short wait for Ceri.

On the way out we bumped in to James O’Neill again, waiting to pick up his prize for his third place finish in 34:35. And his first words were, “That wind! Wasn’t it dreadful on the way back?” We couldn’t have agreed with him more.

But a good well organised run on a flat seaside course – we’d do it again!

Chris (659)

Official Times:
Ambie – 48:05.0
Chris P – 1:00:29.7
Ceri – 1:06:24.2

John Barrow Invitational Relay

A great day at Whitwell Station for the four RntS teams (and Time Keeper Lucy H) at the John Barrow Relay.

An invite only event, we took part along with the Reepham Runners and the North Norfolk Beach Runners. Each team having four runners, two runners ran one lap, two ran two laps (each lap being about 1.8km – or 1.1 miles in old measurements).

The teams could run in any order they wanted, but the runners doing two laps had to do them consecutively, they couldn’t run one, then let another runner go, then do their second. Of the four RntS teams it was interesting to see three different orders of runners (2, 1, 1, 2 – 2, 2, 1, 1 – 2, 1, 2, 1).

Official Times:
Black RntS (Ant, Bob, Mark, Shane) – 49:48
Blue RntS ( Cam, Chris, Keith, Kevin) – 54:13
Red RntS (Ceri, Amanda, Lorraine, Susie) – 55:39
Silver RntS (Allison, Evette, Kirsty, Paul) – 57:29

Race Results from the event organiser:
1st place 49:48 Runners-next-the-Sea (Shane, Bob, Mark & Ant)
2nd place 52:01 Reepham Runners (Jenni, Pete, Rory & Julian)
3rd place 52:06 Reepham Runners (Sarah, Sam, Tim & Nigel)
LADY – 1 lap 7:37 Amy Clarke, Reepham Runners
LADY – 2 laps 17:24 Chloe Monsey, Reepham Runners
MEN – 1 lap 8:15 Julian Clarke, Reepham Runners
MEN – 2 laps 14:53 Ant Cude, Runners-next-the-Sea

Marriott’s Way 10k

It rained. A lot.
We got wet. Very.

From a sold out race of 600 runners, only 368 completed! That must be some kind of negative record!

A wooden medal and a drinks cup were nice to receive at the end.

Official Times:
Cat – 52:41.4
Mark – 54:45.3

Woodlands Triathlon

This wouldn’t usually be here, but as every member of the club turned out who had registered (over a 16% DNS) and 3 club members won their age category (Jazz, Keith, Seb), I thought it was worth posting.

My First Triathlon

Leading up to the triathlon I was very lucky to have other club members help me with my training, including a recce of the route (not sure this was a good idea!) and answering the numerous questions that I had.

The night before the event, Mark and I registered, I’m so glad we did, as it enabled us to see our swim start times, to get our race numbers and to see the transition area being set up.  Once home, I got my bike and helmet labelled up and put into the car and worked out how to use the tri-belt.  With my kit ready, the alarm was set for 5:30am!!

Sunday morning arrived and the nerves had set in along with the rain!  I arrived at Woodlands at 6:50am where Mark had already got himself organised, he then proceeded to help me get my bike into the transition area.  The volunteers were great and helped along the way, ensuring that helmets were on when entering the transition area with your bike to make sure that they fitted correctly and advising how to rack your bike.  I took Mark’s advice and racked my bike near the swimming pool exit and near to the bike exit to make transition easier.  Talc was poured into my trainers and socks to (hopefully) make it easier to put them on with wet feet, a t-shirt ready as I was expecting it to be a chilly bike ride and the race belt on top of my bike with my helmet.  

Breakfast was eaten whilst watching others setting up and running through what was ahead of me, making sure that I knew what I was doing for each aspect of the race.

Other club members were starting to arrive; they were so supportive and full of smiles and advice as always, really putting me at ease.  I am so grateful to be part of such a friendly and supportive club.

The transition area shut at 8am and the race briefing commenced along with the rain again!  The event was ran so efficiently and smoothly, I did not encounter any problems along the way, in fact it did not matter that it was my first one as the volunteers were telling everyone what to do along the way.

Each person was given a swimming hat in their race pack, red, white or blue depending on what time your swim started.  My swim start time was 8:48am, so, hat, nose clip and goggles in hand I set off to the end of the pool 10 minutes before my start time.  Taking Libby’s advice I made sure that I got an end lane with steps next to the exit door.  Each swim start was set off 3 minutes apart.

I got into the pool ready to start, with a count down from 5 and the whistle blowing, off I went.  I was pleased with my swim time and managed to keep a steady pace.  12 laps completed (300m) and out of the pool to the transition area, hat, goggles and nose clip being taken off on route. 

“Hat on first” Ant had said, I didn’t forget this.  Feeling dizzy from the swim and trying to put my socks and trainers on was interesting, race belt on and off I went for a 17km bike ride in the rain.  It is a lovely route and as Kevin would say undulating until you get to Holgate Hill, which feels like a mountain!  Just keep peddling was the advice I had been given for this hill.  There were many Marshalls around the course smiling and pointing you in the right direction; it was not the best weather for them.

Arriving back at Woodlands making sure that you dismount at the correct point (Amanda was there to ensure this was done correctly).  Then back into the transition area to rack my bike, take off my helmet and head out for the 3km run.  I’m not sure how to describe the run – muddy and wet probably sums it up, it is a lovely route though (on a sunny day!).  It is an out and back route through the caravan park and woodland.  The finish line is such a welcome sight on the return, where a medal and bottle of water awaits you and a massive support crew of club members, friends and family cheering you over the finish line.

I would highly recommend giving a sprint triathlon a go.  It is a very supportive, friendly and great event.

Will I do another one, I’m not sure yet!!

Kerrie (No. 26)

Official Times:
Ant – 0:53:00
Mark – 1:04:48
Cat – 1:05:55
Seb – 1:07:28 – 1st in category
Jazz – 1:07:50 – 1st in category
Keith – 1:13:02 – 1st in category
Libby – 1:14:56
Kerri – 1:18:41
Hayley W – 1:20:06
Cammille – 1:24:57
Lynne – 1:26:17