Wells Virtual Carnival 2020 Fun Run – Age 11 to 15


Your challenge is to run for 20 minutes, timed by parent or guardian.  This is to be completed between the 26th July and 8th August 2020.

If you are a member of a running club, please enter this in to the Company Name or Notes field when placing your order.

Once you’ve completed your run, ask your parent or guardian to take a photo of you with the theme of Run-next-the-Sea (it could be a picture painted of the sea, actually near to the sea or even with a paddling pool!). 

Submit the photo to the Wells Carnival Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/wellscarnival) and email events@rnts.co.uk so that we can send you your medal!

 Please note that money raised from your entry will be shared between Runners-next-the-Sea and the charity Homes for Wells.  Please be aware that Paypal will charge a transaction fee for your entry.