Reepham XC 2024

Oh so clean before!

Reepham Cross Country has a special place in my heart.  I first ran it in 2017, not long after I’d started running the 10K distance, and on a few occasions I was joined by my oldest son, Milo, for the first lap before completing the second lap on my own.  I have some very special memories of this event and it’s also my nearest so I get a lovely lie in!

Juniors run one 5K lap at this event and seniors run 2 laps.  The course starts and ends at Whitwell Station, Reepham, and takes in sections of Marriott’s way, with copious amounts of mud, water and sections across private land that usually isn’t accessible to the public.  This event isn’t for everyone.  It seems to be very marmite.  For me, and Michelle who I ran with, it’s one of our favourite events, but if you don’t like getting dirty your pristine-white RntS vest then it’s best to avoid!

The course begins with a 1K stretch of Marriotts Way which is fairly easy going.  Flat and firm. Runners are then directed down a bank and into a stenchy bog, making their way along and navigating unseen obstacles below such as branches and divots.  Be sure to tie your laces tight as I have seen trainers go missing in the past!  This does create quite a bottleneck so there is usually a little wait at this point for runners towards the back of the pack.

This year’s route was different to previous years’ due to the heavy rainfall of late, so rather than crossing the river immediately, it was back onto Marriotts Way before meandering across fields, through a ‘pond’ and over the water at a shallower and narrower point.  This was the area where we began to get lapped by faster runners, mainly due to the queuing at the first water section.  After a little further distance it’s a wade along the river, ducking under bridges, before heading up the steepest part of the course, past the caravan park, across the main road and then back downhill along the edge of a field parallel to the roadside.  This was where I made a severe misjudgement!  Occasionally being lapped by faster runners who were almost at the finish, I jumped out of the way of one and begun running in the rough at the side of the field.  Next thing I know I’ve caught my leg in a bramble! Now those of you who know me well will know that I am very clumsy and therefore I’ve become adept at falling over.  With a swift roll onto my back to break my fall I found myself lying on my back shouting, ‘I’m still alive!’  Poor Michelle wasn’t sure what was happening however I’m very grateful she didn’t laugh!

I jumped straight up, thankfully not too hurt in the moment, and we made our way back to the station, past Mark who was providing super support and off on our second lap.  Here we even bumped into Marie who was out on a long run in the opposite direction.  Lovely to see another friendly face.  It was while queuing for the stinky bog on lap 2 that someone behind me pointed out I had cut my leg.  It must’ve been the brambles from when I tripped up as my leg was very scratched and bloody.  It looked more dramatic than it was but I decided, on Michelle’s advice, that it was best not to go through the water sections with an open wound.  While Michelle made her way through, I bypassed the water and got a temporary clean up from the First Aid crew and then we set off to complete our second lap.

Avoiding the water meant I had to jump across the river this time instead of dropping in.  I made it but the momentum was too much and I ended up on the floor again!  Michelle is very good though as she still didn’t laugh!  No more drama ensued and we completed the race in good spirits.  The weather was so mild compared to previous years that we were actually able to sit on the platform, grab a photo with other RntS (except Cam – I think he was getting food!), and watch others finish.  In past years my hands have been so cold at the end that it was difficult to even get changed afterwards.  I’m not going to lie, I do miss getting a medal or memento at the end but, due to sustainability concerns, the club had decided to plant a tree for every runner instead this year.

This is a great race and I’d recommend everyone give it a try, or at least come and watch. It’s different and fun, and Reepham Runners put on a great event with friendly marshals and good organisation.

Vikki P

Official Results:

Cat C 1:10:50.0
Bob L 1:10:50.3
Cam 1:10:56.0
Michelle 1:32:55.1
Vikki 1:32:58.3



Bonfire Burn 10K, Houghton XC & East Coast 10K

Bonfire Burn 10K

Paul, Paula, Nita and myself had a most enjoyable Sunday morning 10k at Histon near Cambridge.  Our day started with a wonderful brass band playing, then at 10:33 we all set off in wave 2.  Though the start was congested, after the first km we were soon on our way. The weather was good for running though  windy conditions between 6 – 9 km made it challenging as the buses went quickly past on the tramlines. The final km on grass made it slippery in places, but it never stopped being fun!  The stewards were friendly and supportive and the person on the microphone enthusiastic!!  Fun was had by all and we collected a lovely wooden medal and bought refreshments from the Scouts. I would recommend this run for others.

Report by Rob Jackman

Official Chip Results

Rob J – 49:01
Paul – 49:48
Paula – 51:44
Nita – 1:00:47

Houghton 5 mile XC (Club Champs Event)

A team of 6 RntS took to the grounds of Houghton Hall on Sunday, competing in the 5mile XC Race. This was my first time doing the race and I was aware of the course being described as ‘mud fest’, ‘cow pats’ and ‘the awful dyke’ . With the amount of rain in the build up to the race I was certainly expecting to get muddy. But I was wrong! The ground was relatively dry, bar areas of long damp grass, and there was no mud or cow pats of any significance. This may have been due to the course being changed at the last minute however it saved me a job as my spikes which were still bearing mud from my last XC race in March, came out nice and clean and shiny which was a welcomed bonus! Overall the course, in my opinion, was mainly flat with 2 technical sections- one being in the wooded area with some short steep drops and then a U- bend section which had large wooden steps to go up! I cant say I have ever been in a XC race with steps before! It certainly disrupted your rhythm and gave you ‘thigh burn’ as described by Mark who didn’t seem too impressed at having to climb the stairs one extra time then on previous races! Other than that it was longish stretches of grassy terrain and a stretch of a sandy gravel path which gave you opportunities to stride out and pick up the pace. It was a 4 lap course which can be either a good or bad thing depending on how you feel!

Leading the club home was Liam Dawson as he continues his fine form. Liam crossed the line in 7th place overall and also picked up 3rd place for the golden oldies (veterans). Not far behind Liam was Cat, finishing in 9th place overall and 1st female .  Cat was more pleased that she was classed as a senior than a veteran – every cloud! At the younger end of the spectrum, Cam had a solid run coming home in 32nd place. Bob Lyddon crossed in at 39th place and running partners Mark Riseborough and Vikki Powles crossed the line in 62nd and 63rd place.

A big shout out to Pete Alder who gave up his morning to take photos – they are a great set of snaps!

A classic XC race, friendly and well organised. It was a shame the field was quite small however it did clash with several other races. Personally, I prefer XC running as it is off road and is a great strengthening discipline, so for me there is no such thing as a ‘bad’ xc race as even if you may not finish as high up as you hoped, you will still be gaining a good strength session.

Report by Cat Foley-Wray

Official Chip Results

Liam  – 37:08.9 – 3rd male veteran
Cat FW – 37:51.4 – 1st female overall
Cam –
Bob L – 46:56.4
Mark – 1:02:17.2
Vikki – 1:02:17.5

Runners-next-the-Sea male overall team result – 2:10:00.1 – 3rd


East Coast 10K

Having heard good things about last year’s event from Kirsty I was not disappointed.

The course is 1.5 laps by the beachfront which is lovely and flat with the only real obstacle being the wind and the odd slippery surface. Well organised and great support from the marshalls. Definitely a PB potential course! Thanks to Kirsty for driving and Francesca for the track side support.

Report by Will Ayley-Dodd

Official Chip Results

Will – 00:47:24.4 – PB
Kirsty L – 00:57:40.4 – PB

Great Yarmouth Half Marathon – 13th August 2023

Doing our bit for the environment and car sharing to the event made for an entertaining journey and for once I wasn’t at all worried about the race. Lucy, Kerrie, David, Kevin and I set off in good time to get to Gorleston to collect our numbers and get ready for the run.

Having done this event before I still forgot there was a lap of the field to do before leaving the academy’s grounds and heading out onto quiet and well marshalled country roads. Some very enthusiastic marshals and lots about with music, sweets and the all-important water stations; a couple of which also had hoses for those who needed a refreshing shower when passing through!

The route is a lollipop shape, turning right into Lound and passing the pub (no time to stop), we then went through Somerleyton gardens by special permission and then back round to close the loop and do the last leg. Running with Kerrie and Lucy was lovely and we spotted part of the Angles Way which we had done before together.

I also used this race as an opportunity to complete my sheepy shuffle entry for a virtual half, Shaun got lots of lovely comments 🐑

Definitely one to recommend!

Report by Kirsty L

Official results:
David C –  1:35:52
Kevin H – 1:40:21
Lucy M –  2:19:35
Kerrie – 2:27:39
Kirsty L – 2:27.39

Panther Brewery Reepham 10K – Friday August 4 2023

Reepham Runners are a small running club based in the market town of Reepham.  They organise two races per year the Reepham 10K and a winter cross country you could be excused for thinking we were at the winter cross country with the weather being wet and windy the whole week prior to the event. Parking was at Reepham Scout Group and a donation directly from the race proceeds goes the Scouts Group. A walk across the Stimpsons Piece Recreation Ground to the race HQ to pick up race numbers.

What better way to spend a summer evening (not sure what happened to summer this year) than doing a mixed terrain run. The 10K course takes in the quiet country lanes around Reepham finishing on the Marriott’s Way trail  for the last 4.5 Km. A good turnout for Runners-next-the-sea with a quick couple of photos before all the runners were walked back to the start of the race on Kerdiston Road. After the final instruction we were off heading down the very narrow (approximately 3 people wide) county roads. Runners hit the trail at 5.5 KM at which point the narrow roads turned into even more narrow trail – Marriott’s Way – the Aylsham to Norwich single track disused railway line that is narrow.

The road section appeared to be all uphill and the trail wasn’t as wet and muddy as I had expected. Drink stations were at 3.5 Km and 7 Km and the finish was on the recreation ground.  Fortunately, the rain held off and the evening turned out warm.  This was a well organised with race plenty of marshals plus drinks and cakes available for purchase in the HQ.

Races always sound social when a brewery is mentioned in the race title. The finishers medal was the brewery’s logo with no beer in sight!!

The RntS runners were well supported with shouts from Ana; Pete – thanks for the photos; Gemma; Evette; Kevin B; David R; Libby; Denise and Stuart G apologies if I missed anyone.

Prizes 1st three Male and Female and ONLY 1st in 10-year age bands categories Male and Female awards were Sportlink vouchers.

Official Results:

David Coslett 40:07.6
Anthony Cude 40:24.3
Kevin Heyhoe 43:36.7
Lorraine Hunt 44:21.7 – PB
Shane Hunt 44:30.6
Tara Betts 45:18.8
Stuart Williams 45:48.1 – PB
Andrew Tuckett 48:21.0 – PB
Kevin Short 48:28.0
Cameron Raven 48:41.5
William Ayley-Dodd 48:45.2 – PB
Paul Woodhouse 48:57.2
Malcolm Senior 51:54.9
Bob Lyddon 52:55.5
John Kenyon 56:14.4
Marie Pacey 58:54.3
Kerrie Coslett 59:40.0
Laura Watson 59:40.5
Andy Payne 59:51.4
Vikki Powles 01:04:15
Michelle Finnegan 01:04:16
Mark Riseborough 01:04:16
Debbie Moore 01:04:29
Angie Barker 01:15:43
Catherine Thorpe 01:19:57


Tara – 1st in age group (6th overall – only one prize per individual per category)

Lorraine – 2nd in age group (5th overall)

Malcolm – 3rd age group

Note: Panther Brewery is an award-winning microbrewery based in Reepham. The name of the new brewery is a result of the inhabitants of this small Norfolk town of Reepham claiming to have seen a large panther-like cat prowling and secretly stalking the countryside. Its handcrafted ale is dedicated to this beautiful animal. Deliciously balanced with poise and a sleek finish, it is a celebration of the beast’s cunning and prowess (that’s the brewery wording not mine, although the beer does taste good).

Report by Malcolm Senior

Full results at

Run-next-the-Sea: Wells Carnival 2023

On Thursday 3rd August Runners-next-the-Sea was delighted to once again help organise the annual Run-next-the-Sea, as part of Wells Carnival 2023

The event has two distances: a 1.3 mile ‘fun run’ for all the family, and a 5 mile competitive event for those up for more of a challenge. Funds raised are split between Runners-next-the-Sea and a charity with a local link which, this year was voted on by club members.  The charity chosen was the RNLI which was particularly fitting, not only because of the new lifeboat house and lifeboat which have become operational since last year’s event, but because as the evening wore on we all witnessed just how fast the tide moves at Wells.  We had to move the finish line up the beach several times to accommodate the incoming tide, and the last runner only just made it back with dry feet.

Despite a miserable week weatherwise, the sun made a very welcome appearance on the evening (probably the best conditions all week!) and we had 84 runners taking part in the fun run and a further 39 hardy souls running the 5 miler.  A big thank you to everyone who took part, those that helped out to make the event happen and to Black Dog Computer Services for sponsoring.  Congratulations to the winners. and we hope to see you all again next year!

Fun Run Results (1.3 miles)

1Connor Bradley5700:06:501st Male Finisher
2Monty Wood-Davis7600:06:51
3Elliot Yaxley3700:07:15
4George Needham1100:07:40
5Rowan Whittlesey5300:07:41
6William Wood-Davis7400:07:48
7Cian Hall400:08:07
8Charlie Grieve900:08:09
9Joshua Grieve800:08:14
10Daniel Morris3200:08:21
11Wayne Bradley5800:08:25
12Sammy Nickless6400:08:25
13Bryan Cordury4400:08:31
14Chloe Munn1700:08:331st Female Finisher
15Martha Reece3500:08:44
16Chiara Patch1200:08:46
17Zander McCluskey4800:08:54
18Marsie Whittlesey5200:08:57
19Poppy Neenan3000:09:01
20Matthew Cordury4200:09:05
21Arthur North6000:09:06
22Alison North6100:09:06
23Mat Birch7700:09:12
24Ralph Birch7800:09:13
25Sascha Tillett1800:09:19
27Millie McCluskey4600:09:35
28George McCluskey4700:09:44
29Sam Nickless6200:09:52
30Connor Nickless6300:09:53
31Henry Wood-Davis7500:09:53
32Amelie Grieve1000:10:03
33Amber Wilson2100:10:05
34Eric Reece3600:10:17
35Isabel Pascel Grey6900:10:20
36Joseph Copley4000:10:24
37Clair Copley3900:10:28
38Lilly Peters3100:10:31
39Krystal Halls3300:10:42
40Benjamin Cordury4300:10:42
41Dan O'Brien700:10:48
42Nigel O'Brien600:10:50
43Esmee Saldahna2300:10:55
44Isabella Saldahna2400:11:06
45Lauren Saldahna2200:11:07
46Rosa Keene5500:11:11
47William Capley4100:11:31
48James Capley3800:11:32
49Jack Rawsell2600:11:41
50Kayobi Francis Notice4500:11:49
51Kimberley Brooks100:11:59
52Jessie O'Brian500:12:12
53Charlie Foley-Wray5100:12:24
54Leo Keene5600:12:37
55Rebecca Keene5400:12:38
56Joey Hardwicke200:12:55
57Oliver Hardwicke300:12:57
58Elise Green8300:13:04
59Tim Green8100:13:07
60Elio Conte7100:13:09
61Georgia Grey7300:13:09
62Rosie Rawsell2700:13:24
63Ruth Rawsell2500:13:24
64Megan Yorath2800:13:31
65Freya Byworth1300:13:35
66Tilly Byworth1400:13:36
67Alfie Downs1600:13:47
68Alicia Kaye1500:13:48
69Seth Foley-Wray5000:14:16
70Cat Foley-Wray4900:14:16
71Blythe Foley6800:14:50
72Iris Foley6600:14:53
73Gemma Foley6700:14:53
74Etienne Reece3400:14:58
75Claire Reece7900:14:59
76Linda Yorath2900:15:17
77Billie O'Grady6500:16:13
78Anna Pascal Grey7200:16:17
79Huxley Bartram7000:16:20
80Ned Green8200:17:07
81Nancy Southwalk8000:17:59
82Alfie Martin2000:18:47
83Stephen Lowe1900:18:48
84Kai Kozial5900:24:25

Competitive Run Results (5 miles)

1Jonathan Peters11900:29:371st Male Finisher
2Ben Simpson11700:33:23
3Oliver Grieve10400:35:36
4Dan Gillies13400:35:49
5Peter Ward12800:36:55
6Andy Page13600:37:51
7Stephen North13200:38:02
8Chris Chorley10200:38:24
9Rory Dillon10800:38:54
10Simon Steward11200:39:21
11Giles Byworth10700:39:23
12Mark Roswell11300:39:24
13Dean Jackson12700:39:32
14Alex Morton11100:39:41
15Samuel Walker12400:40:02
16Megan Neenan11800:40:121st Female Finisher
17Issy Needham10600:41:49
18Miles Needham10500:41:51
19Lauren Devine12300:41:57
20Martin Dorrell10300:42:03
21James Fogarty12000:42:25
22Susi Crane12200:42:46
23Paul Wheeler12500:42:58
24Chris Hamei12900:43:51
25Jim Staveley13100:43:57
26Mark Manley13700:44:02
27Stuart Fey12100:44:37
28Scott Barkston10900:46:22
29Bobby Sauerzapf10100:48:19
30Robert Page13500:48:49
31Barry Mercer13900:49:04
32Devon Idima11000:49:12
33Dave Keeley12600:49:37
34Jude Gillies13300:50:09
35Meredith Yorath11500:52:20
36Ceri Yorath11600:52:21
37Camilla Mercer13800:53:45
38Sally Staveley13000:53:46
39Valerie Kerrison11400:55:55

Stour Valley & Sandringham

There was lots of activity this weekend with RntS members taking part in events near and far.  Thanks to Kirsty for the report on Stour Valley Narrative Marathon, Michelle for covering Sandringham 5K and Vikki for reporting on the Sandringham Half Marathon.  Well done to everyone involved!

Stour Valley Narrative Marathon

On Saturday 17th June, Lucy and I set off at 6am to go to Nayland for the Stour Valley narrative marathon. We arrived in good time to register and got ourselves ready for the 9am start.

The course is a figure of eight so they also had two half marathon races; one starting at 9:15am in the same direction we had started from and then the second one starting at 11am to encompass the other loop which was our second half. 

The first half was extremely hilly and it felt like it was mostly uphill. There was a nice mix of woods/shady areas, rivers, field and road throughout the race which made the navigation a bit easier rather than endless fields! We also well-timed coming out of a wooded area to see some of the flyover for King Charles which was an added bonus to the beautiful scenery.

We had a slight setback within the first two miles where Lucy encountered a tree but after checking she was OK (and thanks to a couple of other runners who also stopped) she said she felt OK to carry on which we did. She’s a strong woman 💪

Towards the end, the heat was beginning to make me feel a bit sick but we made it over the finish line well within the eight hour cut-off time. There was a four hour cut-off time to do the first loop which we done really well so had extra time. 

Would highly recommend this race and would love to do it again.


Official Results

Kirsty & Lucy –  6:56:28.6


Sandringham 5K

It was lovely and cool when I arrived at Run Sandringham for the 5k. Not too many people do the 5k race, around 200 ish so it’s a great race if you want something low key.

Just me racing the 5k so it was lovely to see Marie had arrived very early for her race to support me.

The race starts on grass and then heads towards the house on farm tracks, there are a few undulations on the course and the first one comes quite soon after the start to stop you going off to quick! The course takes you on a lap around the house and along past the church before heading into the woods where there’s a finally some shade. After a lovely long downhill you head back out of the woods across the grass and turn to sprint through the finish.

All the half marathon runners are there now and there’s a real party atmosphere.  I met up with all the other RntS racing the half and stayed on to offer them support and man the supersoaker.


Official Results

Michelle – 30:12

Sandringham Half Marathon

It had been over 4 years since I completed the half marathon distance and although I had been considering working up to it again I hadn’t made any solid plans.  That is, until one day in April, when someone sent a message to see  if I wanted to take up their place at Sandringham Half, and I accidentally found myself saying yes!

Now I must confess here, I often feel a bit of a fraud with my RntS kit on because I don’t actually like running-next-the-sea, nor on trails very much.  This is because I’m lazy and I don’t like to lift my feet up!  I’m much more comfortable getting back to my city-girl routes and pounding roads and pavements, so Sandringham Half probably wouldn’t have been my first choice, and I found myself dreading it a bit in the lead up.  Added to that the weather forecast said ‘Scorchio!’ and I had a terrible run in Fakenham on the Thursday night.  It felt hard to imagine getting round 13.1 miles when 5 was such a struggle just a few days before, and I did think at one point I may not bother.   However, supportive clubmates and  friends got me to the start, along with a realisation that I needed to prepare my fuel, hydration and strategy better  – rather than just wing it as usual.

Sandringham Half Marathon is quite a big event, with around 1000 runners taking part.  As the race start time ticked closer the toilet queues weren’t moving fast enough for everyone to get together.  The solution?  Have a team photo in the queue!  Ingenious RntS problem solving!

On paper the course looked very windy-bendy, and I was a little worried it would feel a bit convoluted, like we were continually covering the same ground to make up the distance.  However there was only one little stretch like that and the course was actually very interesting, with a varied mixture of paths, road, field and woodland, along with the money shot view of Sandringham House to enjoy on the way too.  The mixed terrain was a little uneven in places and twice I nearly came a cropper on a tree root but managed to save myself.  I told you I didn’t like picking my feet up!

It was a hot, hot day but thankfully there was some shade and a little breeze – though annoyingly never at the same time!  There were 4 water stations en route, plus the added bonus of Mark and Michelle popping up along the course with Super Soakers.  Getting sprayed was so cooling and was appreciated by so many runners, not just RntS.  A random stranger even bought them a drink and a cookie to say thank you for their important work!  I decided as part of my strategy that I would wear my hydration vest and I sipped my way through a litre of water during the event, plus the extra I took on at the stations,  so I felt like that was a really good move.  It was amazing how re-energised  I felt after a brief stop at each water station.  I also took on fuel during the race and made sure to adjust my expectations due to the weather.  I set my target pace at 1 minute per kilometre slower than I had at Dereham 10 Mile race a month before.  As it was I managed a lot quicker, but I had taken the mental pressure off by giving myself permission to run slower if I needed to and that really helped.   

The hardest part for me was the hill at around 13.5K.  I slowed right down, tried to remember what the coaches say – pumping arms, smaller steps – and was glad to make it to the top without walking.  Another runner overtook me on that hill and when I caught up with her I complimented her on how strong she had been.  She told me she had cried on that hill the year before and wasn’t going to let it beat her this year, which I found inspirational.  I’d only trained to 10 miles and I did find my legs getting tired towards the end, but I still had energy left for a bit of a sprint finish which pleased me.  Despite my worries I really enjoyed the event and the sense of satisfaction at completing this distance again was fantastic.  Well done to everyone who took part in such difficult conditions and a big thank you to all the supporters too.


Official Results

Kyle – 1:38:44
Kevin H – 1:45:02
Tara – 1:49:31
Shane – 2:00:27
Stuart G – 2:02:08
Gemma – 2:04:23
Laura W – 2:19:43
Marie – 2:25:21
Vikki – 2:31:38


Liam, Michelle, Lorraine & Mark

Fantastic RntS turn out at Holt 10K

Brilliant performance from all the 23 RntS members at today’s Holt 10K.  This was a club champs event and there were lots of supporters on hand too.  Thanks to Malcolm for the race report.  

Organised by the North Norfolk Beach Runners the annual Holt 10K starts and finishers in the Gresham School in Holt. The school’s former pupils include Benjamin Britten and Sir James Dyson (vacuum fame- they have a building named after him) amongst many others.

Arrived in plenty of time to park, there were ample car parking in the school grounds, and collected my number. Met with the rest of the RntS for club photo.

Good running weather, 15 degrees at the start with a gentle breeze from the north east and overcast.  The course started and finished on the school sports field but was immediately onto the narrow quiet country roads but NOT CLOSED to traffic.  Not all the cars that passed were pleased to see a line of runners, the marshals doing a good job of traffic control and support.  The first 2k was out towards Kelling and the coast, then a short trail section to start a loop before retracing the 2K back to the school.  The trail section was very rugged and I manged a dive to the dusty path but pushed onto the finish.  A big thank you to RntS runners and supporters that were encouraging as I turned onto the field at the end.

There was a nice glass award for first 3 in each age group.  Congratulations to Tara, Ant, Liam, David C and Malcolm who won prizes.

Official chip times:

Position Forename Surname Chip Time Age Category
20 Anthony Cude 40:32.9 3rd
22 David Coslett 40:50.2 3rd
47 Liam Dawson 43:40.0 3rd
71 Tara Betts 45:44.1 2nd
78 David Ralph 45:56.8
103 Rob Jackman 47:43.3
107 Stuart Williams 47:49.5
110 Stuart Gollands 48:03.8
113 Paul Woodhouse 48:13.5
149 Alex Wray 50:25.8
153 Andrew Tuckett 50:40.6
159 Gemma Pickering 50:56.6
176 Roland Bewick 51:35.5
181 William Ayley-Dodd 51:58.0
182 Malcolm Senior 51:58.5 2nd
210 Rachel Dawson 53:30.2
244 Chris Lubbock 56:13.0
245 Teresa Futter 56:13.6
270 Laura Watson 57:59.1
301 Vikki Powles 1:00:12.6
314 Michelle Finnegan 1:01:28.4
341 Mark Riseborough 1:04:47.6
372 Jenny Watson 1:10:59.4

And with special thanks to the amazing support crew:

Gill; Francesca; Kerrie; Cat (and family); Libby; Marie and Hazel

Help choose a charity to support for the Wells Carnival Fun Run

Every August Runners-next-the-Sea helps to organise the competitive run and fun run that takes place as part of Wells Carnival celebrations.  Monies raised are split between the club and a local charity.  We would like members to help choose the charity to be supported this year from the shortlist below.

You can find out more about each cause by clicking on the names in the poll before casting your vote.  Please only vote once per member.  Poll closes 11.59pm on Saturday 25th March.

This poll is no longer accepting votes

Which local charity would you like Runners-next-the-Sea to help raise funds for as part of the Wells Carnival Fun Runs?