General Announcement to all RntS Members.

The election of the club committee 
Chair – Chris Palmer –
Club Secretary – Bob Humphries –
Quartermaster – Sarah Saunders –
Web and Social Media – Kerrie Coslett –
Membership Secretary – Ceri Howell –
Treasurer – Claire Riseborough –
Welfare Officer – Lynne Dowdy –
Events – Cat Foley-Wray & Liam Dawson –
The Committee meets regularly, supporting the smooth running of RntS on behalf of all members.
If you have anything that you would like to raise, please contact one of the above committee members who will be happy to help you.

2 Mile Handicap – Run 3

The third 2 mile handicap of the year took place last night.

32 runners took part with great results recorded.  Well done everyone

Thank you to the volunteers,  also the cake and chat at the end always makes the evening more enjoyable.


NameRun2 080822
James Goddard12:00
David Coslett12:41
Kevin Heyhoe12:52
Liam Dawson13:02
Ant Cude13:02
Shane hunt13:24
Cam Raven13:29
Steve Twyford13:51
Rob Jackman13:59
Lorraine Hunt14:13
Kirsty Daniels14:34
Paul Woodhouse14:34
Andy Payne14:50
Alex Wray15:11
Bob Humphries15:26
Steve Ellsey15:32
Gemma Pickering15:33
Jade Hope16:27
Pete Alder16:35
William Ayley-Dodd16:38
Bob Lyddon17:22
Chris Lubbock17:24
Laura Watson17:27
Seb Moore17:59
Nita Jackman18:07
Jenny Watson18:10
Kerrie Coslett19:07
Marie Pacey19:18
Sophie Eleanor19:26
Catherine Thorpe22:49
Christine White23:29
Grania O'Neill26:31

Carnival Run 2022

A lovely evening for this year’s Runners-next-the-Sea Carnival running events raising money for both Wells Community Hospital and the club.

The weather was fabulous, with a turnout of 101 runners (55 runners for the Fun Run and 46 runners for the Competitive Run).  Well done everyone.

The Fun Run was 1.3 miles and the Competitive Run was 5 miles.

First Male Fun Run finisher – Callum Bradley

First Female Fun Run finisher – Sophie Billups

Second Male Fun Run finisher – Dan Gillies

Second Female Fun Run finisher – Millie McCluskey

Third Male Fun Run finisher – Jack Keeble

Third Female Fun Run finisher – Lara Chisholm

First Male Competitive Run finisher – Ryan Orton

First Female Competitive Run finisher – Emily Crookes

Thank you to all the volunteers who helped with the event and to Cat and Liam for organising the event.

Fun Run Results

1Callum Bradley1757:141st Male Finisher
2Dan Gillies1777:252nd Male Finisher
3Jack Keeble2887:443rd Male Finisher
4Connor Bradley1768:00
4Oscar Curtis2678:34
5Archie Davies2648:37
6Harry Chisholm2758:39
7Cian Hall2978:52
8Wesley Hague2858:54
9Sophie Billups2899:091st Female Finisher
10Millie McCluskey2729:202nd Female Finisher
12Lara Chisholm2769:273rd Female Finisher
13Thomas Conway2639:39
14Sam Wheeler1709:43
15Sammy Nickless1719:46
16Daniel Morris2809:57
17Tim Morris2799:59
18Fraser Gibbs17410:05
19Allison North26610:09
20Arthur North26510:10
21Louis Spadaccini28410:31
22Rosie Randlesome29110:32
23Harrison Daniels27111:25
24Kirsty Daniels27011:26
25Hannah Chisholm27411:29
26Isla Chisholm27711:29
27Ian Chisholm27311:30
28Aiden Linger25811:57
29Hettie Peel18112:02
30March Peel18212:03
31Carry Peel18312:04
32Richard Peel18412:05
33Liz Gordon29012:26
34Florence Richards28612:58
35Lisa Haworth28713:02
36Amy Scott29313:03
37Elizabeth Scott29213:12
38Catherine Thorpe27813:18
39Jemima Kirkham17913:29
40Bill Kirkham17813:30
41Rachael Badger29513:33
42Stanley Badger29613:33
43Ella Harrison17215:10
44Louis Gibbs17315:10
45Jack Rowsell28315:37
46Ruth Rowsell28115:59
47Rosie Rowsell28216:00
48Freya Byworth26016:31
49Tilly Byworth26116:31
50Ruth Grinshaw26216:32
51Mary Gillies18017:26
52Tracy Linger25917:34
53George Daniels 26819:35
54Bruce Daniels26919:36
55Kia Kiozel18521:14

Competitive Run Results

1Ryan Orton33132:271st Male Finisher
2Nick Davis33734:30
3Karl Bolderson31235:20
4Peter Ward33436:34
5Emily Crookes33637:121st Female Finisher
6Jim Staveley35339:05
7Sarah Crookes33539:19
8Giles Byworth31739:35
9Stephen North31639:41
10Mark Rowsell34440:01
11Chris Chorley32040:03
12Darren Smith32240:06
13Bram Appleton34240:35
14Spencer Cirant34041:02
15Jason Copp34541:30
16Steve Twyford33041:36
17Colin Campbell31341:40
18Jack Tappin35542:14
19Lee-Ann Manley35242:41
20Martha Davies31442:43
21Mark Hird33843:17
22Paul Smith32643:49
23Nigel Dickens31944:04
24David Morris31144:08
25Georgia Cuey33244:13
26Robyn McCarrow31844:28
27Alexander Buckley35444:40
28Devan Jarris Faima32844:58
29Scott Barkston32944:58
30Camilla Mercer35045:20
31Martin Davies31547:05
32Maureen Rumsby33347:25
33Bobbie Sauerzapf32147:30
34Tian-Mai Sadler34847:46
35Charlotte Lyddon34147:52
36Barry Mercer34947:54
37Wayne Longstaff34348:05
38Mark Manley35148:22
39Susy Crane34748:48
40Beverley Cirant33949:33
41Siobhan Parker32754:09
42Wayne Bradley35654:35
43Nicole Hodgkinson32454:40
44Robert Hodgkinson32358:48
45Roger John Crane3461:00:25
46Harry Hodgkinson3251:01:06

Lovely Summer evenings for races during the week

Tara Betts took part in the Run Snetterton 5k and 10k on Wednesday 3rd August 

Official Results:-

10k - 47:08

5k - 26:15

Reepham Summer 10k was represented by a large group of RntS.

It is a lovely route, with half the route on country lanes and the other half on the Marriotts Way

Official Results:-

Ant Cude - 41:01

Kevin Heyhoe - 42:25 pb

Shane Hunt - 43:26

David Coslett - 44:24

Lorraine Hunt - 45:43 - pb - 3rd female overall and 2nd in age group

Cam Raven - 46:47

Paul Woodhouse - 47:36

Sarah-Jane Smith - 48:00 pb - 3rd in age group

Andy Payne - 49:17

Bob Lyddon - 55:16

Pete Alder - 56:56

Susannah Towning - 58:07

Jenny Watson - 1:03:16

Mark Riseborough - 1:04:58

Marie Pacey - 1:05:10

Vikki Powles - 1:05:41

Meet Lorraine Hunt

Lorraine has been a club member for a few years.  

Lorraine runs with Group C and can always be seen with a smile on her face.

1.How long have you been running for?
Running for about 15 years
2. What made you start running?
To get fit and mainly to shift a few pounds after having my daughter. I started with my sister who swiftly gave up when we went out in the rain as it was “ just ridiculous running in the rain” But I  carried on and I’ve never looked back!!
3. Your favourite place to run?
That’s such a tough one as there’s so many lovely routes around here. I couldn’t choose a favourite.
4. Your favourite race?
Sandringham 1/2 marathon
5. Your favourite parkrun?
Holkham without a doubt. Not the easiest but by far the friendliest!
6. What is your favourite time of day to run and why?
Early morning, when the sun is rising and there’s wildlife coming to life…. I love absolutely love it!
7. What is your preferred distance?
1/2 marathon
8. Best one piece of advice you can give other runners?
Don’t be hard on yourself, even the best runners have bad runs. Run to enjoy running!

Worstead 5

Well done to Paula, Paul & Marie for taking part in the Worstead 5 race last Friday 29th July 2022.

Official Results:

Paula Smith - 39:33

Paul Woodhouse - 39:33

Marie Pacey - 51:12

Well done to Kirsty Lack who took part in the Great Yarmouth Half Marathon on Sunday 31st July 2022

Lovely running conditions for my first time doing the Great Yarmouth half well organised by GYRR. A lollipop shaped route with a few cheeky hills thrown in but some lovely scenery taking us through Somerleyton Hall and gardens. 
Really lovely volunteers all around the course and at the start/finish; as it was getting quite warm towards the end, a couple of the water stations had hoses out to squirt the runners if required! It was very welcome. 
I ran with a friend and it was her official half, a challenging course for a first timer but she smashed it!
On completion of the course all finishers received a medal and a fab t-shirt plus refreshments. 
Would definitely recommend and I'd do it again. 
Official Result - 02:33:36

Kevin – The Head Coach

  1. How long have you been running for? 

Most of my life.  I started running in my teens as supplemental exercise to my martial arts training.  This continued into my mid-twenties but reduced somewhat due to family and work commitments.  Started regularly running again in mid-thirties but it wasn’t until my forties that I started running with Framlingham Flyers and racing.

  1. What made you become a coach?

Well, the honest answer was to avoid having to go onto the Committee at Framlingham Flyers.  I thought if I was a coach that would be doing my bit for the club.  I was wrong, ended up on Committee as well!  However, very glad I did invest my time and energy into Coaching, it is a rewarding occupation helping people achieve the most out of their running.

  1. Your favourite place to run

You cannot beat Holkham Beach and Holkham Park is a great alternative.

  1. Your favourite race 

Without doubt the London Marathon.

  1. Your favourite parkrun

Holkham, it is my closest, full of friends running and volunteering, one lap, challenging course beautiful scenery.

  1. What is your preferred distance (if you have one)?

At one time it would have been the marathon distance.  Unfortunately, I cannot maintain my marathon pace for 5km now.  I would only enter races up to 10km now.

  1. Best one piece of advice you can give other runners. 

Run for Fun and make sure you treat recovery with respect.  It is far too easy to be running well continuously and then completely burn out or become injured.

Every so often I will be introducing a Coach, a Committee member or a Club member.

I will be contacting some of you over the next few weeks asking just a few questions, so club members can get to know a little bit about each other.  If you do not feel comfortable doing this, it is fine, there is no pressure.

Wroxham 5K

Well done to the runners who took part in the Wroxham 5k evening run.

Ant has provided the write up:-

It’s a Wednesday night in July so it must be the Wroxham 5k. A date in the diary for anyone wanting a fast time or a 5k Pb. A quick course with a classy field to pull you round. It was a perfect night for running, no breeze and cool. The first kilometre is slightly uphill but you don’t notice this as you are trying to make space to get into your stride amongst the other 700 runners in the race. The course then levels off and you can catch your breath and settle into a rhythm. There are so many runners around you that you can always target someone to catch up or stick with, this definitely helps around the 3.5k mark when you are turning for home. No sooner have you done this and you are on the final stretch which is a welcome downhill and a chance to empty the tank and stretch your legs to achieve that Pb. None of the Runners Next the Sea troubled the Top 10 finishers who were all in in under 16 minutes.

 Official Results:-

Ant – 19.04

Liam – 19.53

Cam – 20.48

Paul – 23.19

Andy – 23.21

Rachel – 25.27

Libby – 27.56

Debbie – 31.25

A busy weekend of RntS running various distances and Countries, from the North Norfolk Coast to Finland

Very proud moments for Chris and Ceri who took part in the World Champions at the Ratina Stadium in Tempere, Finland running for Great Britain.

Chris took part in the 200m and 100m distances in the M70 category.

In the 100m Chris qualified for the semifinals with a time of 15:07.

In the 200m Chris came 5th in the heat, sadly not getting through to the semifinals, but a fantastic achievement given that Chris was struggling with hamstring issues and had to be taped up (with GB tape).

Ceri took part in the 8k Cross Country distance and came 11th, another fantastic achievement with 30+ degree heat.

Very well done to both of you.

Holkham Outlaw 10k

A group of RntS took part in the Holkham Outlaw 10k on Saturday, well done to you all, it sounds like it was a tough run.

Andy Sutton has provided a write up of the event:-

Holkham was very tough, hilly and windy!!  I started off quickly then slowed at 4 miles where Kevin Heyhoe caught me up and helped drag me home.  We finished 12th and 13th.  Great event, I was pleased to just complete it after a few weeks nursing an injury.

Official Results:-

Kevin Heyhoe - 42:57 - pb

Andrew Sutton - 42:58

Mat Eyre - 43:27

Kyle Hastings - 43:56

Gordana Sucur-Hills - 50:51

Sarah-Jane Smith - 51:51

Gemma Pickering - 51:55

Cat Cameron - 54:14

Bob Lyddon - 54:20

Sophie Defew - 01:09:50

Mark Riseborough - 01:10:21

Cameron Raven - 01:12:57

Shirley Browell - 01:13:01

Vikki Powles - 01:13:57

Laura Shaw - 01:15:27

Angie Barker - 01:19:22

Darkside Running sunset Marathon

Nur, Lucy and Kerrie took part in the Sunset Marathon on Saturday afternoon.  A tough trail marathon.

Kerrie has written up thoughts on the event:

Nur , Lucy and myself took part in the Darkside Running Sunset Marathon. The race follows the coast path from Wells to Snettisham on mixed terrain, road, track, grass and sand. The idea is to get to Snettisham before the sun sets.  We started at 3:30pm on Wells Beach, running to Holkham on the sand and from Holkham to Burnham Overy on sand, not an easy start to the run.
We followed the coast path to Brancaster where we got diverted away due to works on the boardwalk, this was also the case at Thornham, we had a vague idea that the marathon distance was going to be slightly extended due to these diversions. It was such a lovely route, Lucy and I chose the run as we have not ran from Holme to Snettisham before and thought this was the perfect opportunity. The support from family and friends along the way was so welcoming and really helped us with the run. Many walkers along the route wanted to know what we were doing, it was lovely to chat to them. It was a self navigational run, maps were required but thankfully we didn’t need them and followed the correct route until the last mile where we made a slight wrong turn. I have never been so glad to see the finish line of a run, it was dusk at this point and severe fatigue had set in for a while. The support from Lucy on this run was amazing as always, I had a few moments along the way especially when I knew we were going to be running at least 28 miles (instead of 26.2!) but I did make it to the finish line and we got to the see the sun setting over the sea at Hunstanton which was beautiful.
It was one of the hardest runs I have done to date.
For anybody wanting to do a trail marathon, this is a great one with a generous cut off time, however it is a tough one, Norfolk may be flat (ish) but the terrain is not easy.
Official Results:
Nur Hooton - 06:30:08
Lucy Mccallum - 06:47:03
Kerrie Coslett - 06:47:10

A 5k North Walsham race and a Relay over the Weekend

Epic North Walsham 5k

5 RntS took part in the North Walsham 5k on Friday evening.

Sarah-Jane said the course was hilly but good fun! Very warm!. 

Official Results:-

Kevin Heyhoe - 19:48 - pb

Kyle Hastings - 20:35 - pb

Sarah-Jane Smith - 23:09

Laura Watson - 26:36

Debbie Moore - 32:45


Alex Moore Relay

6 teams took part in the relay event on Sunday.

It is a relay race around the village of Skeyton. Teams consist of three runners: 1st runner (1 lap - 2.2 miles), 2nd and 3rd runners (2 laps - 4.4 miles) and together (all 3 runners as a team) (1 final lap - 2.2 miles). So each team will complete a Half Marathon.

Alex Moore was a former Norfolk Gazelle who died in a sky diving accident in 2003 at the age of 24, Alex was a talented runner who joined Norfolk Gazelles in 2001. To celebrate Alex's life, Norfolk Gazelles set up the Alex Moore Memorial Relay in 2004.

The race is very enjoyable with a great atmosphere, but a tough one and the chance to have a picnic together after the event.

Cat Foley-Wray has done the write up for this event

“Sufficiently in the middle of nowhere” was Alex`s description of where google maps had identified the location of Race HQ as he was planning the route on Saturday Evening! Luckily for me, I didn’t need to worry about the navigational side of things as I hopped aboard  Woodhouse`s Wonder Tours` on Sunday morning and was escorted to the race. I could tell the journey would be entertaining after the response I got from Paul after I politely asked if I could finish eating my banana in his car was “ as long as it keeps you quiet.” No Chance! Anyway, we set off with Paul`s hope to educate me about Norfolk Life after my  query regarding any on street parking at the race was met with dismay in relation to my lack of Norfolk understanding! I enjoyed my front row seat as we toured past the many, many fields, lack of pavements, and the occasional sign of human life along with an unidentified animal running across the road with another unidentified animal in its mouth?! A brief stop allowed Ant to aboard the tour who informed us that he is now feeling happier and more refreshed after having recently taken the decision to bring in his bird feeders at night time as the birds were making too much noise in the morning and waking him up! Norfolk life!  With his faded RNTS top on, I offered for my children to bring their felt tips along to colour in the faded boat logo , however Alex and the boys had already left as they embarked to find Race HQ in deepest Norfolk. The tour continued with many more fields, although a distinct lack of tractors. An interesting topic came up with regards to Paul`s upcoming birthday to which he wasn’t showing much enthusiasm about, so I took that to mean he was hoping to keep his 60th Birthday on 11th September on the low. Libby and I helpfully suggested the positives in that he will be entering a new, albeit older age category with the potential to be in contention of some top ranking results along with Libby having the idea of sharing a selection of photos over his 60year existence, however both suggestions didn’t seem to excite him too much so we shall leave the his upcoming 60th birthday on September 11th on the quiet.

Luckily for Paul we soon arrived at Race HQ, the village pub, albeit I couldn’t actually see a village?! Norfolk Life they say.  We did however find the rest of the lovely RNTS Rabble and all got ready for the relay. The sun was out and seemed to be getting hotter by the minute although there was a rather strong breeze too. Team members completed either  1 or 2 of the 2.2mile laps and then all running together for the final lap. The course was all on road bar the change over point and was a triangular shape consisting of gently undulating country roads and was well marshalled and supported- credit to Norfolk Gazelles. RNTS had huge success for all of the 6 teams that competed.

Official Results:-

18TH-Speedy RntS-  (5th in category)

Ant (1 lap) - 13:39

Shane (2 laps) - 30:14

David (2 laps) - 28:52

Final Group lap - 15:32

Total - 1:28:16

31st- Leg it Ladies (2nd in category)

Ana (1 lap) - 16:18

Lorraine (2 laps) - 31:26

Cat F-W (2 laps) - 29:41

Final Group Lap - 16:52

Total 1:34:18

34th The Three Must Get Here`s

Paul (1 lap) - 15:34

Rob (2 laps) - 31:07

Liam (2 laps) - 31:02

Final Group lap - 17:12

Total 1:34:57

47th Kneerly There 

Bob (1 lap) - 16:54

Andy P (2 laps) - 34:01

Sarah Jane (2 laps) - 33:47

Final group lap - 18:27

Total 1:43:11

86th RIOT- Running Is Our Therapy

Libby (1 lap) - 19:28

Anna (2 laps) - 37:30

Nita ( laps) - 43:07

Final group lap - 22:25

Total 2:02:31

93rd Run Now, Moan Later

Hayley W (1 lap) - 20:28

Kerrie (2 laps) - 41:53

Lucy (2 laps) - 42:53

Final group lap - 24:25

Total 2:09:41

Well done to all, especially the 3rd runners in each group.

Run Sandringham & Tattenhall Tough Team Event

A team of RntS took part in the Run Sandringham events on Sunday.  Taking part in the 5km and Half Marathon distances.

Kirsty Lack has provided me with a race report:-

A lovely day for Sandringham half today with some brilliant sights to take in on the way round. The course was very mixed terrain which I found hard to get a good rhythm going before it changed to the next type! The route goes past Sandringham House, through the gardens and some weaving around the woods and visitor areas.  It was a tough course but very rewarding once complete. 
This was my first time doing this race and with a couple of friends who I run with regularly our first race running together! We kept each other going, started together and finished together with a little competitive sprint to the finish line!
Well done to everyone who ran today and thanks to everyone who came to support.  
Official results - 5km:-
Malcolm Senior - 24:37 - 1st in age
Jennifer Simmons-Brack - 44:00
Official Results - half Marathon:-
Kevin Heyhoe - 01:39:46
Shane Hunt - 01:40:08
Lorraine Hunt - 01:42:51
Kyle Hastings - 01:43:21
Rob Jackman - 01:48:48
Darren Smith - 01:52:25
Steve Twyford - 01:53:31
Cam Raven  02:06:18
Stuart Cameron - 02:08:52
Suzanne Wedderburn - 02>18:25
Nita Jackman - 02:23:45
Kirsty Lack - 02:36:42
Hayley Wright - 02:37:55
Ceri Howell - 02:38:46
David Howell - 02:42:32

Alex Mason took part in the Tattenhall Tough Team event recently

Report by Alex Mason:-

A 9 mile multi-terrain event for teams of three hosted by Tattenhall Runners.

The race is a lollipop shaped route with 3 miles out and back along the road with 3 miles in the middle featuring ‘the railway’, a climb of 100m averaging 66%.

I’ve done this event four times before and recruited a new team of two other runners – Frank who is really strong on the trails and fells and Tony who is a strong road runner and about the same time as me at Parkrun.  Both in their early 30s so at 46 I was expecting to be hanging off the back.  With this race it’s key to have people who have similar yet different strengths to each other.

There were 69 teams entered and looking at the start list there were some really strong teams, I thought we’d finish somewhere in the top 10 if all went well.

We got to the start and registered.  I laid the plan down with my team – start the 3 mile road section (which kicks uphill towards the end) at 10K pace which is 4 min/k and Tony would dictate.  Frank would then take over on the trails and then we’d work together on the road back to the finish.

The key thing was communication.  If the pace was too fast or too slow, we need to let each other know and adjust accordingly.  If someone is hanging off the back then the other two keep with them and muster them along.  I said that the race only really starts once you hit the top of the railway so anything before that, don’t worry about.

We got to the start and then off.  Tony paced us along really well, we kept around the 4 min/k mark whilst a lot of other teams shot off.  This is where the road runners leg it and leave everyone else behind.  I was comfortable with this and I told my team that when we hit the trails they will fall to pieces.

We started to hit the climbs on the road and I was falling off the back, the pace wasn’t hard hard, just hard and I told them to keep it up and they dragged me along.

Soon enough we hit the trails, a short climb, a switch back and then I started dropping off again.  We got to the top and through the single track I managed to re-group.  We then descended down to the railway where it looked like we were gaining on the team in front.  We then hit the famous railway.

Frank had never done it before, Tony had the week before and I’ve done it 440 times so knew it pretty well.  We passed two teams going up it and I helped encourage Tony along who now looked to be struggling.

We got to the top and got running straight away, you can lose a lot of time beasting yourself up the railway and have your legs full of lactic and lungs popping out of your chest.

We got to the water station and then the grassy downhills which were ace.  Frank was loving it!

Occasionally I’d look behind and I could see the guys we passed on the railway closing so I urged the team on.

We exited the trails and got back on the road to the finish.  It’s a horrible 5k.  You just have to hold on and get to the finish.

I was feeling really strong and my ultra running kicked in so I set the pace whilst Tony and Frank were now behind me and I slowed slightly for them to keep on me.  I thought we were about 7th team based on people in front and the one’s we’d passed however I never let us ease off and we ran strong.

Then Chris (from Buckley) came from behind which I was surprised with as he’s a really strong runner and I knew his team were in front.  He informed us that three teams had taken a wrong turn and we were in fact in third place.  That was incredible news as I thought we were out of contention.

That really spurred us on, unfortunately they were too strong and passed up.  Tony was really struggling now and I tried to keep him on the pace.  I could see another team behind us, maybe 100m who we had passed on the railway with about 2k to go.  I felt really strong and shouted words of encouragement to both Frank and Tony.

In the end we pulled through and finished 4th overall (64 starting teams) and 1st Male Team (the 1st three get cat wins and then there are prizes for male, female, mixed, V40,…).

I was so made up that despite on paper we were not the strongest team, we stuck to the plan, worked together, never gave up and prevailed to give our respective wives a bottle of Prosecco from the winnings.