Sublime Long Sutton 10k

Lovely weather greeted us, considering the weather the previous week. Thanks for the awesome racemakers who had spend the previous couple of days pumping water off the course and digging soakaways!

The even was very well organised with plenty of parking and a lovely big sports hall for changing, registration and the obligatory piece of cake and a cuppa afterwards!

Organisation was great and also the lovely idea of letting people chose to start 15 minutes earlier than the main start so that more people finish around the same time.


Official Times:
Mark – 54:39.2
Tasha – 59:24.2
Sophie – 1:03:05.2
Jodie H – 1:05:45.4
Nikki – 1:12:20.8
Claire – 1:26:13.7
Teresa – 1:26:15.5
Angie – 1:26:15.8

RntS 5 Mile Beach Run 2019

The second annual RntS 5 mile beach run. This time help on Remembrance Sunday, following by a 2 minute silence at 11am. A club collection raised £76.50 for the Royal British Legion.

Ant Cude
Glyn Ingram00:39:28
Shane Hunt00:39:49
Rob Jackman00:40:15
Paul Woodhouse
Abbi McCallum00:40:58
Steve Twyford00:42:13
Amanda Marshall
Hayley Murfit
Lorraine Hunt00:43:07
Cat Cameron00:45:29
Jodie McCallum
Stu Cameron00:47:13
Chris Lubbock
Roland Bewick00:49:02
Mark Riseborough
Lucy McCallum00:52:33
Susie Towning
Hayley Jones00:54:13
Kerrie Coslett00:55:06
Nita Jackman00:56:25
Lynne Dowdy01:03:39
Nikki Crossman01:08:57

The 13th Edition Houghton Hall Cross Country

Well, they tagline this event with the simple phrase ‘mud, sweat and holes’, and to be honest, and think that sums it up just right!

For the 20 RntS who attended, this was all our first time at the Houghton XC and I think we all enjoyed it. Yes it was muddy (luckily not too much cow bum mud, even in Cow Pat Corner), there were holes (we’re not talking little holes, we’re talking holes that they call Pit and Pit 2, each one being a 3 or 4 meter drop and then climb back out again – with nightmare muddy feet on the steps of Pit 2) and there was sweat – 3 laps around that and it was time to fun for the finish line, which luckily had a burger and chip wagon parked behind it!

It was the first in the Norfolk Athletics Team Cross Country League – the next race being on the 8th December in Shouldham Wrren.

I think a few of us would definitely do it again, it was a friendly and well marshaled event, less than a tenner and very close to home!

Official Times:
Ant – 34:21
Glyn – 37:47
Shane – 38:38
Cam – 39:23 – 2nd in class
Rob J – 39:17
Paul – 40:21
Steve – 40:51
Amanda Ma – 41:19
Lorraine – 41:34
Stu – 46:15
Cat – 48:06
Mark – 48:12
Susie – 48:49
Hayley J – 50:11
Chris – 53:02
Anita – 53:42
Ceri – 53:43
Lisa – 53:47
Sophie – 54:42
Lynne – 1:00:36


Sunday 27th October: On a sunny but chilly morning Libby and Cam took part in the 5k Steeplechase at Blackwater farm. The route set off basically around the car park down a lane and then into the river. Once in the river it was a case of wading along it for several meters in waist deep water passing under a bridge. After leaving the river the route took them around part of the equestrian course of undulating grass fields, added to this one or two (or maybe more) obstacles to negotiate in the form of wooden fences. Towards the end of the course they were rewarded with carrying a pumpkin over fences and under a cargo net before depositing the pumpkin with a short sprint to the finish. Cam 14th place, Libby 17th place.

Official Times:
Cam – 38:27
Libby – 38:49