Runners-next-the-Sea Kit items modeled by RntS!

Technical T Shirt (White with blue logo) (Available to club members only)

Technical Vest (White with blue logo) (Available to club members only)

Hoodie (Deep sea green with white logo)

Event Clips (coming soon)

Sizing information (Club colours are listed above):

Shirts (women’s cut is different at back to men’s)

Mens medium T Shirt – Fits well based on other medium sized items
Mens medium Vest – Snug compared to the T Shirt.

Kit orders will be placed on the following dates (payment required 7 days before the order is placed):
15 March 2020
20 July 2020
31 October 2020

Please note that club colours (T-Shirts and Vests) can only be purchased by paid up members of the club.  Other items are available for family and friends.

If you are representing Runners-next-the-Sea in an event where you are running for the club (it does not matter how fast you are) then UKA rules state that you must wear the standard club kit (white tops with blue print).  The consequence for not racing in club colours is that you may be disqualified from the event, which may affect the other members of your club (if there is a team prize for example.

The club wants you to race in your club colours and it makes us proud to see so many of you out there taking part in events in a recognisable kit.

If you are running for a charity then it is of course acceptable to run in the charity kit (however the team rules would still apply so you may be disqualified from the team prize).

If you are competing in a higher competition (for example your county) then you should wear the kit that is required.

For more information, please see UKA Rule 143 (UKA Rules are in the download section of this website).

Please send enquiries to:

You can visit the online shop here.