Horsford XC R3 & Marriott’s Way HM

Write ups from participants of both events today.  Thank you Paul and Kerrie.

Horsford XC R3
Well that was a impromptu run!
Talking Saturday evening to maybe take part as Libby was keen we thought we would make  the final decision Sunday morning.
Not too bad I thought £4 a head Spa treatment courtesy of Norwich Road Runners and the Horsford XC for Libby’s valentines present!!!

Having witnessed several RntS partaking a couple of years ago I must say I was reluctant but gave it a go.
On arrival we met Cam who was already signed in and keen as mustard to get going.  We signed in and made our way to the start,
3 laps for Libby and 4 for Cam and I – 2.7k/ lap

The first half of the lap was ran on wide paths covered recently with small grey shale like stone. This was very loose and not easy to run on.  After this it turned on to a small uneven woodland path heading towards the water crossings.

The approach was littered with tree trunks to negotiate followed by two small ditches which you could jump. This all led up to the two infamous waist deep water crossings and boggy area.

Negotiating the first pretty well I descended into the second, this however didn’t go to plan as I some how ended up on all fours causing quite a shock to the system. Clambering out and through the bog the route continued up an incline to rejoin the path. Following this it meandered through the woods and back to the start/finish and three more laps to endure.

At the finish Libby and Cam had already finished, credit to both of them for their runs.  Somehow Libby had managed to keep her white shirt pretty clean unlike Cam and I.

A well organised event well marshaled by supportive volunteers. Easy to enter on the day but no facilities.

Official Results:
Cam – 1:00:37
Paul – 1:06:48
Libby – 56:25

Marriott’s Way HM
As always Positive Steps Events put on a really good event from start to finish. Before I entered Lucy said you need to do it as you will really enjoy it. She was not wrong. It was such a lovely route and all off road other than a few road crossings.

The marshals as always were friendly and gave lots of encouragement.

I would highly recommend this event to anyone, it was so relaxed and open to all runners and walkers.

Also £5 of each entry goes to the Air Ambulance, with £2000 raised from today’s event 😊

Official Result:
Kerrie – 2:20:18

Valentine’s 10k

What was the Valentine’s 10k at Easton like yesterday?  Let’s find out with a run report from Paul:

Love was not really in the air weather wise leading up to this event.

As the alarm went off the wind and rain were rattling on the windows. This was a good start as more effort was needed to get motivated.

However once on our way Libby was greeted with a txt from Angie to say they were right behind us, this led to comments on the weather and being more suited to Ducks.

Once parked up we made our way to registration, this was a good 10min walk but fortunately the rain had abated and wind eased.

Registration was straight forward with ample room in the large hall and no queuing. This is where the race briefing also took place.

Here we met up with more of the RntS members and prepared ourselves for the short walk to the start.

Out at the start we mingled with the rest of the competitors self seeding as Kevin would say.

The start climbs out of Easton College turning left and heading to Easton. The 1st K is a challenging climb, this was followed by around 4K still rising through Easton and then heading towards Colton.

This was made more difficult today with the strong breeze which was mostly head on.

After this the course winds it’s way along country lanes to Marlingford with welcoming downhill recoveries and the breeze now mostly at our back.

Once in Marlingford a left is taken to take you back to the College and finish.

This provides a sting in the tail as the last 1k us mostly uphill with quite a steep finish.

The event was very well organised throughout as usual by Norfolk Gazelles.

The army of marshals were both very supportive and prominent along the whole of the course.

As usual great support for each other amongst the RntS and some gutsy runs.

I think we could say that we all put our hearts into this Valentines race.

We were now ready for the start and what’s more it was still dry.

Official Results:
Cam – 00:44:21.0
Ant – 00:44:34.2
Tara – 00:45:29.3
Paul – 00:47:47.5
Sarah-Jane – 00:54:00.2
Laura W – 00:56:58.2
Libby – 00:58:14.0
Kevin B – 01:07:34.6
Angie – 01:18:37.4

Reepham Cross Country & A Gold Medal!

A lovely sunny day for a run around the countryside (and also a couple of dips in a river).  In fact, its so nice, lets do two laps of it!

Well done to the RntS that took part in the Reepham Cross Country this weekend.  Here’s a great report from Lynne:

The sun shone, the mud was very muddy and the water was wet, but what an amazing morning for everyone running the Reepham Cross Country, organised again by Reepham Runners.

Starting and finishing at Whitwell & Reepham Station and running out on Marriott’s Way railway track. Followed by some challenging but hilarious stream crossings, then running through, hilly woodlands, water meadows and open fields.

Lynne, Kerrie and Andy were reassured by the presence of Cam, Kirsty and Hayley who’d raced it before and came back for more, hopefully this was a positive sign of a great race ahead. They weren’t wrong, what an amazing, friendly, supportive race. All the runners shared their morning with a cacophony of encouraging marshals, by every stream and ditch and all around the course. The morning was finished off with scrumptious cake and a cuppa.

Will they all be back next year, certainly will and hopefully with more RntsSwho’d like to put their white shirts to the Persil test.

And following on from that in other news, we have a gold medalist in the club!  Well done Chris P who is officially the 60Mtrs 65+ County Champion!

Reepham Official Results:
Cam – 00:51:19.6
Andy – 01:09:04.4
Lynne – 01:15:10.1
Kerrie – 01:15:10.3
Hayley J – 01:16:10.6
Kirsty – 01:16:12.1


60Mtrs 60+ Official Result
Chris – 9.8s – 1st place

Peddars Way Ultra

Well done to Nur who completed the Peddars Way Ultra yesterday.  Just a small 78km run!!

Top work Nur. 👍

Official Result:

May be an image of 1 person and standing

Ryston Runners Cross Country Grand Prix 4/6

Thank you Lynne for the run report below:

Official Results:
Cam – 20:39
Hayley W – 27:17
Lynne – 29:03

The 4th race in Shouldham Warren Cross Country Series was very well attended even the sun made an appearance.  Ryston Runners do a great job each month, providing this well established, low key, series for the winter running calendar.
Going was soft but not too muddy, although the cake queue was longer than usual.
All in all a lovely way to spend a Sunday morning, definitely to be recommended for anyone considering a foray into Cross Country running.


Norfolk Cross Country Championships

A lovely day for it! (Well, blue skies, and it wasn’t raining – very different to the previous 24hrs!).

Well done to the gang who took part at Earlham park this weekend.

Official Results:
Ant – 43:01.0
Liam – 43:57.0
Kevin – 47:38.9
Amanda – 49:03.3 – 3rd in Class
Paul – 49:40.5
Bob L – 55:33.5
Pete – 56:12.0
Evette – 57:25.7
John – 58:30.7
Andy – 59:07.7
Kerrie – 1:01:55.0
Hayley W – 1:02:06.7
Lynne – 1:05:02.6

Advance Performance NYE 10K & Marham Flyers NYE 10K

Well done to the RntS who had some extra celebrations following their New Years Eve runs.  You certainly earned an extra glass or two!

Roll on 2022!

Advance Performance NYE 10K Official Results:
Hayley W – 1:11:27.2
Mat – 1:11:50.2

Marham Flyers NYE 10K Official Result:
Cam – 44:14

parkrun, Power, Puddles, Perseverance!

Another busy weekend for the RntS gang.

Starting with the Holkham parkrun takeover event, no fewer than 34 members giving up their Saturday morning to volunteer.  The pacers did a fantastic job helping 15% of the attendees achieve a new PB.  More pictures here.

Shouts to:
Teresa, Pete, Angie, Keith, Janet, Shirley, Cat, Bunny, Kerrie, Anthony, Liam, Jim, Lynne, Lucy H, Jane, Nur, Lorraine, Shane, Kirsty, Denise, Chris L, Bob L, Lucy Mc, Robert, Seb, Evette, Mark, Kevin S, Paula, Lisa, Steve T, Paul, Hayley W

Then Chris P once again achieved greatness with a Gold medal in the 65+ 60 metres at the Eastern Masters Championships at the Lee Valley Stadium in London today.

Official Time: 9.94 seconds

Finally the inaugural Penthsorpe 5k Festive Fun Run took place on Sunday with a good amount of RntS donning their Christmas outfits and getting very wet and muddy.  Two RntS in the first three finishers (Ant and Cam) and four in the first five finishers (adding Paul and Rob). All running for a great cause, the Priscilla Bacon Hospice.  More pictures here.

Shouts to (in no particular order):
Ant, Cam, Paul, Rob, Paula, Teresa, Lynne, Jim, Sarah, Gill, Nita, Libby, Tash, Kirsty, Angie, Kevin B, Alice, Diana TH, Chris L

Well done to Nur who completed the Bury St Edmunds Trail Ultra (50k) with Positive Steps Events.

Official time: 7:04:10