Blickling HM, Cambridge HM, Bury to Clare, Shouldham Warren XC

Another busy weekend for the RntS. A dozen dynamic doers.

Blickling Autumn HM
Official Results:
Darren – 1:40:54.3
Cam – 1:47:08.5
Stuart – 1:49:19.7
Ceri – 2:32:30.4

Cambridge HM
Official Results:
Robert J – 1:45:19
Seb – 1:59:11
Nita – 2:07:49
Lucy Mc – 2:09:19
Hayley W – 2:13:49
David S – 2:13:52

Bury to Clare
Official Result:
Nur – 3:52:34

Shouldham Warren XC
Official Result:
Cat FW – 19:37 – Third Female

Chase The Train

Well done to Stuart and Tara who choo choo choosed to Chase The Train. (I know it’s not correct English, but otherwise the pun wouldn’t work).

Nice one guys. 👍

Official Results:
Stuart – 01:10:37.0
Tara – 01:15:56.3

Felbrigg, Beach, London and Marriott’s!

A busy Sunday, lots of events going on, lots of people taking part.

So here are the details!! (In case anyone is wondering, where possible, I organise the events in order of start time).

Great running everyone. 👍

Felbrigg Trail Run 10k
Official Results:
Susie – 55:57

RntS 5 Mile Beach Run
Official Results:
Darren – 38:13
Ant – 38:14
Alex W – 38:55
Mat – 39:43
Steve T – 40:37
Rob J – 40:47
Colin – 41:34
Bob H – 42:50
Peter – 44:31
Chris L – 47:21
Hayley W – 48:14
Laura W – 49:25
Jade – 49:26
Hayley J – 50:47
Jenny – 56:37
Glyn – 56:39

Virgin Money London Marathon
Official Results:
David S – 5:09:16
Kerrie – 5:37:51

Marriott’s Way 10k
Official Results:
Stuart – 48:02.1
Bob L – 53:20.2
Keith – 1:02:25.0

RntS 5 Mile Beach Run 2021

The first year back for the normal mass start of the famous RntS 5 Mile Beach Run.

Once again, yesterdays weather was almost a perfect match for the Saturday before the Beach Run last year.  This did help with the course being a bit firmer than normal, and a low low tide gave plenty of scope for choosing your route.

This year donations were made and these will go to the Wells Carnival fund as they didn’t manage to have an event this year and they donate to many worthwhile charities.

The total collection so far is £100.  Great work everyone. 👍

Darren Smith38.13M
Ant Cude38.14M
Alex Wray38.55M
Mat Ayre39.43M
Steve Twyford40.37M
Rob Jackman40.47M
Colin Marshall41.34M
Bob Humphries42.50M
Peter Alder44.31M
Chris Lubbock47.21M
Hayley Wright48.14F
Laura Watson49.25F
Jade Hope49.26F
Hayley Jones50.47F
Jenny Watson56.37F
Glyn Ingram56.39M

North Norfolk Coast M & HM, Bure Valley 10, Sandringham 10k, Thompson 5k & 10k and Team GBR!

Wow!  A super busy weekend!

We don’t usually publish results from multi discipline events, but seeing as we had two club members representing Team GBR in their respective classes this weekend, we think they’re certainly due a mention.

2021 Europe Triathlon Championships Valencia – Sprint
Official Results:
Amanda – 1:19:17
Susie – 1:25:47

North Norfolk Coast Marathon
Official Result:
David C – 3:45:52

North Norfolk Coast Half Marathon
Official Results:
James – 1:26:16 – 1st place
Shane – 1:42:25
Steve E – 1:48:25
Kel – 1:55:26
Steve T – 2:07:23
Natasha – 2:07:23

Bure Valley 10
Official Results:
Alex W – 1:18:10
Kirsty – 1:44:51

Sandringham 10k
Official Results:
Mat – 00:46:55.5
Stuart – 00:48:49.8
Tara – 00:50:11.8
Cam – 00:50:17.5
Hayley – 00:59:32.9
David H – 01:00:30.7
Belinda – 01:04:00.1
Lynne – 01:05:45.9
Ceri – 01:10:44.7

Thompson 5k
Official Result:
Libby – 29:32 – 1st Lady

Thompson 10k
Official Result:
Paul – 48:13

RntS 2 Mile Handicap 2021 – Run 3

A wonderful turn out for the final 2 Mile Handicap of the year

Superb efforts all round and a few new PBs!

NameRun3 200921
Cat F-W12.24
Kevin H13.01
Rob J14.03
David F15.42
Chris L16.20
Bob L16.31
Laura W16.59
Hayley W18.02
Jane H20.41
Debbie L28.18

Chiltern Wonderland 50 (CW50)

Well done to Nur who took on the Chiltern Wonderland 50 mile trail ultra.

Superb effort Nur. 👍

A write up from Nur:
After timing out at Chiltern Wonderland 50 (CW50), a 50-mile trail race on the stunning Chiltern hills (5600ft elevation gain) last year, about a mile from the finish, I was determined to do my best this year to complete the course within the cutoffs.

Last year I lost time when I got lost twice (possibly losing at least 10 mins, if not more), ran out of gels which I could have done with in the last 10 miles of the race, and acted perhaps too cautiously as I found out just a few days before the race that I have low bone density.

This year I felt more ready, knowing what to expect in terms of the elevation profile and the terrain. I had better hydration and nutrition strategy. I was confident with the navigation. I thought I was fitter and I had certainly trained better this year. Unfortunately my perceived effort all the way to the second aid station was acutely different to the splits my watch was displaying. How could I be that slow?

Each aid station has a cutoff time and I became aware that I wouldn’t be making the cutoff for the third one. My run/walk efforts changed into a slow walk, taking in as well as taking photos of the stunning views. I felt disappointed in myself that I couldn’t finish.

I now have another unfinished business with CW50!

Derwent Water Trail Race 15k – Cheltenham HM – Anglesey HM – Gritstone Grind

Around the country this weekend!  Steve decided to go to the Lakes and race rather than chill, Stuart decided to run rather than watch the horses, Jade went all the way to Anglesey and Alex ran the Gritstone Trail!

Great work everyone. 👍

DW15k Official Result
Steve – 1:32:19

Cheltenham Half Marathon Unofficial (Strava) Result
Stuart – 1:53:41

Anglesey Half Marathon Unofficial (Strava) Result
Jade – 1:50:59

Gritstone Grind
Alex – 6:06:22