Beat the Tide – Hunstanton

It definitely was scorchio for this year’s Beat the Tide which ran from Hunstanton to Heacham to Hunstanton to Heacham and then to Hunstanton again (10k in total) along the beach with the idea of being back to the finish before (as the title suggests) the tide comes in!

It was a tough event with hard rippled sand and deep muddy sections, and was certainly different!  Well done Ant for, as far as we couple see, coming home as 3rd Male.

Official Times:
Ant – 41:10
Mat – 43:45
Paul – 49:50
Hayley – 1:01:00
Cat – 1:02:43
Mark – 1:02:43

Norfolk 100k

Well done to Nur who completed her longest ever event this weekend – the Norfolk 100k!

Fantastic work Nur, great running!


Coltishall Jaguars Mike Groves 10k

Part two in the trilogy of Jaguars 10k races.  This year the medals all join up to make an RAF roundel and each medal has one of the aircraft that were based at RAF Coltishall.  The second medal having the English Electric Lightning (the first – The Mad March Hare – having the Gloster Javelin).

Today, although it was overcast, it was rather warm for the two lap race (thank goodness the sun didn’t come out until it was finished!).

Official Results:
Lucy Mc – 53:30 PB
Adam S – 53:31 PB
Mark – 53:34 PB
Kerrie – 58:08
Chris P – 1:03:08 PB
Lynne – 1:08:16
Claire – 1:09:24

Comrades Marathon 2018


I’m writing this whilst watching the live freed of the Comrades Marathon 2018.  The 12hr cut off gun has just been fired and that’s it!  Finished!  People are collapsing just before the line, some after running more than 90km, but not quite making it.

I’m very pleased to say that a certain David Sharp wasn’t one of them!

What a fantastic run!  90.184km in 11hrs 32mins.

I know that I wasn’t alone in tracking you today David.  You had an awful lot of support back in North Norfolk and we’re all very proud of you.

Well done.

We look forward to seeing you when you get back.

Alex Moore Memorial Relay 2018

What a day!  A fantastic event hosted by Norfolk Gazelles at the Skeyton Goat.  For a day that started off very cloudy and muggy, it certainly got very hot, very quick (the sun decided to come out 5 minutes before the start!).

RntS placed four teams:
Team RntS (Paul, Mat, Ant)
Blood Sweat and Beers (Libby, Cat, Paula)
Kerrie and the Pacemakers (Kerrie, Mark, Allison)
Team 200 (Chris, Ceri, Robert)

Official Times:
Team RntS – 1:25:55
Blood Sweat and Beers – 1:48:07
Kerrie and the Pacemakers – 2:03:26
Team 200 – 2:13:03

It was a great day, finished off with a picnic prepared by Allison!

And we didn’t need a gazebo either!

Holkham parkrun Takeover – 9th June (pt2)

Thank you to everyone who’ve put your names down to volunteer at Holkham parkrun.

As you all know, it’s confirmed for the 9th June.

Here’s a list of volunteers and confirmed roles.  Please get in touch if you’re not happy with the selection (I appreciate that people prefer certain parkrun tasks) and we’ll see if we can juggle things about.  Hopefully everything will look OK to you all.

Chris – Timekeeper
Teresa – Timekeeper
Claire – Barcode Scanning
Kerrie – Barcode Scanning
Tasha – Finish Tokens
Jodie – Finish Token Support
Angie – Marshal 4 with Jelly Babies
Lucy Mc – Marshal 3
Vikki – Marshal 2
Gail – Marshal 1
Lynne – Tail Walker

Ant – Pacer 21 mins
Mat – Pacer 24 mins
Glyn – Pacer 25 mins
Paul – Pacer 27 mins
Cat – Pacer 30 mins
Hayley W – Pacer 33 mins
Paula – Pacer 36 mins
Ceri – Pacer 39 mins
Adam S – Pacer 42 mins
Dene –  Pacer 45 mins
Robert – Pacer 48 mins

Sublime Swaffham 10k

A rather warm run in Swaffham today.

Well done to numbers 12, 13 and 14!

There were a few organisational issues it would appear, but a number of PBs shows it was a quick course.

Official Times:
Cat – 48:53.6 – PB – Class Winner
Ceri – 1:02:43.9 – Class Winner
Chris – 1:09:05.7 – PB – 2nd in Class

Glebe House Super Sprint Triathlon

A fantastic showing by Runners-next-the-Sea at the Glebe House Super Sprint Triathlon in Hunstanton.  A special mention goes to Hayley for her first Tri (I’m guessing it won’t be her last!).

Official Times:
Ant – 50:26
Mat – 51:02
Paul – 1:04:28
Libby – 1:10:52
Hayley W – 1:12:45
Lynne – 1:26:25

Split times can be found here

Couch to 5k 2018!

This Spring/early Summer, Runners-next-the-Sea will be hosting a Couch to 5k course at the Alderman Peel High School.

The course will be about an hour long and will run on Thursdays 6:30-7:30pm and Sundays 2-3pm.  This will allow members to attend whichever day is most suitable.

The dates are:

Thursday 24th May, 31st May, 7th June, 14th June, 21st June, 28th June, 5th July, 12th July.

Sunday 27th May, 3rd June, 10th June, 17th June, 24 June, 1st July, 8th July, 15th July.

Members of RntS are welcome to join in and support this in any way possible and to also spread the word!

Posters are available to download from our Members page.

A bespoke Facebook group has also been created for members of the course (and also helpers) –