Stody Estate Trail Run

The Stody Estate Trail Run is the new name and event which has replaced the Hunny Bell XC.  It’s still held in the same place, but there are a few changes that have been made, making it a trail run for all kinds of runner.

Once again, it’s done to raise money for Break (Break works across East Anglia making life better for young people on the edge of care, in care and leaving care) so it’s for a very good cause.

One of the major changes this year is that it’s no longer a single 8km event, there are now three options, 4km, 8km and 12km.  Easily routed and marshaled as you do either one, two or three laps!

To facilitate this, the start has been moved to where previously you’d finish your first smaller loop so it was a walk from the Village Hall up a steep and muddy track.  This helped as I didn’t need to warm up when I got to the start area.  Once at the top, a rendezvous for a club photo with other members taking part, then a group warm up.  This was quickly followed by the race briefing and a few words from the event sponsors and we were off.

To make the laps long enough, a slight zigzag at the start was added which confused a few people when they came to finish, but it worked OK (a bit of a bottleneck at the front, but I wasn’t there!).   The terrain here was full of holes and mole hills, so steady going was required (that’s what I’m saying anyway!) then through the gate following the route of the original start and second lap for the HBXC.  At this point, rather than going down to the water meadow, we carried on up into some woods, then turned left down into another meadow, right at the bottom and then right again onto a farm track.

Following the track, we then crossed the old MGNR railway line, then once again, up hill (first time I’ve mentioned that, but somehow this entire run felt like it was up hill!) into some more woods, down a slope, up so more hills then back onto a field edge.

With this route,  we didn’t have to run up the devil’s field edge.  Shame!

Along here, turning right to run parallel to the Holt/Hunworth road.  At this point we were serenaded by the piggies in the fields waiting for their breakfast.  Through some more trees, another slippery steep slope down and we were back to the start.

At this point you either did the zigzag again and carried on for your second or third lap, or did the zig and ran to the finish.

The 4km lap

Once again at the Stody runs, great marshaling, a wooden medal (unfortunately, not for all runners, as they ran out) and some water at the finish.

Once the final finisher was through, it was back to the Village Hall for some food and a drink, and a catch up with fellow RntS, and back to the car park to change shoes!

Considering the thick fog and freezing temperatures when setting out at 8:30 this morning, the day turned our beautifully.  Blue skies and sunshine for the entire race.


Official Results 8km:
Ant – 36:27.2
Sean – 43:29.1
Rob – 43:54.8
Pete – 44:40.2
Cat C – 46:28.3
Roland – 47:02.4
Nita – 53:26.2
Mark – 1:01:34.1
Vikki – 1:05:16.4
Gill – 1:09:37.9

Official Result 12km:
Alex W – 55:52.0

Support given by Vicki.

RntS at Stody Estate Trail Run – Photo credit Vicki.