Birmingham Great Run

Another fantastic half by a RntS today (so many events in such bad weather!)

Brilliant work Nur, completing the Birmingham Great Run.

Nur’s write up of the day:
“I entered Birmingham Half Marathon only a few weeks ago. I’d been thinking it would be unwise to do it given that I have an ultra (50k) next Saturday. However something in me kept saying I’d regret it if I didn’t take part given that it’s where I live and where I train. So I decided to enter and treat it as a long run and go at easy pace. The torrential rain that had started the night before the race meant the course would be full of deep puddles. I was not wrong in fact my feet were wet right from before the start. As it was raining persistently certainly during the first 5-6 miles I just had to move at a comfortable steady pace so as not to get cold so I ditched my plan right from the start and decided I’d go at tempo pace all the way. To my amazement it worked and I kept to this pace all the way. The last 2 miles were difficult though – not for my legs but for the rest of my body. I realised I was no longer able to keep my arms warm and they felt like they’d just come out of a freezer. I tried to concentrate on my legs still going at reasonable speed and tell my brain that it wasn’t long to go now. It worked and I finished still feeling quite strong (official result: 02:07:21 – my second best time for this distance). There were far fewer spectators due to the wet weather but the ambiance was still wonderful. I knew one of my instafriends would be cheering at the 4th mile mark in Cannon Hill Park so I looked out for her. I gave her a hug before I carried on! People cheering you on contribute so much to making you want to go faster. I felt happy throughout the race and found myself smiling most of the way. I’m certainly glad I participated in the event.”

Official Time: