Coltishall Mad March Hare

A squadron of RntS landed at ex RAF Coltishall this morning to take part in the first of 3 trio of runs organised by the Jolly Jaguars. This year, the three medals all join up to make a BBMF grouping.

The runners taxied their way around the perimeter track and technical site before taking off as they hurtled towards the finish line.

Great running by everyone today included a couple of runners who were taking part in their first official 10k event.

As always, very well organised but as the runs get bigger, so do the queues for everything (see picture below!).

Official Results:
Paula – 49:08.3
Chris P – 57:01.2
Lucy Mc – 57:29.3
Chris L – 57:43.7
Kirsty – 59:21.9
Ceri – 59:37.4
Tasha – 1:01:05.6
Laura – 1:07:04.5
Marie – 1:09:23.0
Claire – 1:13:09.8
Angie – 1:13:26
Denise – 1:17:02.5
Shirley – 1:17:02.9
Teresa – 1:17:06.3
Lucy – 1:23:30.2
Gail – 1:23:31.0

More pictures to follow once Truprint get their act together…..