GEAR 10k – King’s Lynn

Usually, it’s not too difficult to herd a bunch of RntS into one spot, but when there’s upwards of 3000 people in a small(ish) market place and around 2500 of those are in running gear, you can’t sometimes see the wood for the trees!

Hence, when the photos appear, you’ll note that some RntS are in one or both of the group pictures, but we didn’t manage to get one of everyone together.

This year the weather was much kinder that the scorching heat of last year (although at points it was rather warm today). Thanks to that there were some very good times from members including a few PBs.

Today also heralded the first ever test of the ‘Full Club Kit, Holiday and Body Bag, Bag Drop Bag!’

Official Times:
Cat – 51:07
Roland – 52:44
Hayley W – 53:08
Natalie – 54:39
Hayley J – 57:54
Mark – 57:54
Tasha – 1:00:02
Sara – 1:02:00
Helen – 1:03:21
Angie – 1:08:51
Teresa – 1:14:08
Denise – 1:14:08
Gill – 1:18:30