Holt 10k

What started as an overcast morning lead to muggy and humid running conditions for my 1st time running the Holt 10k, well organised and marshaled by the NNBR.

Starting off from Gresham’s school with the knowledge that I would be running back on some parts of the course made me aware to take note of the downhills which would ultimately become uphill on the return.

The road gave way to track, not dissimilar to the first long stretch of Holkham parkrun and I knew not to lose my momentum. The heat in the air became more apparent along the track as it was dusty, and a brief respite was a breeze at each gateway.

Then back onto the road with the gorse as lovely scenery, and a very welcome water station before tackling a gradual but lengthy uphill. It was good to support and be supported by fellow RntS running and it kept morale up!

Finally on to the main road again, and, although more uphill, a very welcome head wind!

The 800m sign was also a welcoming sight and I still had a little bit left for a sprint finish.

Well done everyone and thanks to all those who came to support & cheer. ?

Kirsty (Holt 10k runner no. 233)

Official Times:
Paul – 47:42.0
Amanda Ma – 49:11.5
Cam – 49:31.7
Paula – 49:41.9
Stu – 54:39.8
Glyn – 54:43.3
Bunny – 55:38.0
Chris L – 56:58.7
Hayley J – 58:27.1
Allison – 1:00:37.1
Kirsty – 1:00:42.8
Libby – 1:01:44.2
Keith – 1:02:09.6
Chris P – 1:03:37.0
Ceri – 1:03:58.1
Jodie H – 1:04:48.6
Sophie – 1:05:15.4
Lynne – 1:14:49.9