Bintree Relay Challenge

A very enjoyable night (blessed with some warm and sunny weather) for the first time the Runners-next-the-Sea have been invited to take part in the Bintree Relay Challenge.

An invite only event, it’s a fun event made up of teams from local running clubs. This year we had 5 (well, 4.75) teams from RntS, racing alongside 2 from Reepham Runners, 1 from NNBR and 8 from Dereham Runners.

The setup sounds more complicated than it is: 4 members of each team, each tun a 2.5km (approx) lap passing on a baton at the start/finish line. After each persons lap, the runners then distribute themselves at quarter lap points around the track. So the fourth runner finishes the full lap, then passes the baton to a runner waiting a the start who runs the first quarter, to meet with someone who runs to half, who then passes to the next person who runs to the three quarter mark and the person there then finishes the race.

This way, there is a final ‘dash’ section for each runner.

RntS teams came 8, 10, 12, 15 and 16, but due our great turnout and number of attendees, we came Second as a club.

Hopefully we’ll be able to go back next year as it was a very enjoyable evening.

Click the below for the full size image of the results: