Coltishall Jolly Jaguars 10k

It’s Sunday 22nd September, 07.00hrs and my alarm brings me out of my slumber. As I gather myself it is then that I remember the significance of the day.
Suddenly I am overcome with a degree of fear and trepidation as to what was about to follow. What have I done ? What possessed me ? Why did I agree to do this ? Step forward 3 hours and there I am standing on the start line at Coltishall Jaguars 10k along with Angie, Tasha, Chris L, Teresa, Marie, Shirley, Claire & Lucy M with all of us being supported by Mark & Emma.
For most, if not all, reading this it was just another Sunday and just another race but for me it was something very special – my first 10k.
Perhaps I should just mention for those that don’t know me that I only started running earlier this year with the RNTS C25K so to now be running a 10k race is almost unbelievable for me.
I guess it’s customary to give a weather report for the day (that being fine & sunny with a light breeze) but to be honest I was more concentrated on what was about to come.
The race director gave the countdown to start and we were off, no turning back, no chickening out, put those “I can’t do this” thoughts out of my head and GO.
Mo Farah can rest easy, he won’t need to be looking over his shoulder to see where I am ! I am just so pleased that I managed to complete the distance without stopping or walking. The time wasn’t at all important to me, it was all about completion.
Have I mentioned that I DID IT ?
I know I DID IT but a huge amount of thanks must go to all those responsible for organising the C25K and all those members who were there week in week out giving us all so much support and encouragement leading up to the graduation run in July and that support continues to this day.
I was coerced into running by Angie & Tasha and to be honest I didn’t foresee it being something that would continue beyond the C25K but I can now say that I am bitten by the bug, I enjoy the training (well some of it) and actually look forward to the park runs.
Long may it all continue.
Oh and as for running my first 10K – just to be clear – I DID IT

Kevin B

Official Times:
Chris L – 1:00:45.8
Tasha – 1:06:03.7
Lucy Mc – 1:06:56.7
Kevin B – 1:13:52.9
Claire – 1:24:25.3
Angie – 1:24:26.3
Teresa – 1:24:27.5
Shirley – 1:33:02.6
Marie – 1:33:03.2