John Barrow Invitational Relay

A great day at Whitwell Station for the four RntS teams (and Time Keeper Lucy H) at the John Barrow Relay.

An invite only event, we took part along with the Reepham Runners and the North Norfolk Beach Runners. Each team having four runners, two runners ran one lap, two ran two laps (each lap being about 1.8km – or 1.1 miles in old measurements).

The teams could run in any order they wanted, but the runners doing two laps had to do them consecutively, they couldn’t run one, then let another runner go, then do their second. Of the four RntS teams it was interesting to see three different orders of runners (2, 1, 1, 2 – 2, 2, 1, 1 – 2, 1, 2, 1).

Official Times:
Black RntS (Ant, Bob, Mark, Shane) – 49:48
Blue RntS ( Cam, Chris, Keith, Kevin) – 54:13
Red RntS (Ceri, Amanda, Lorraine, Susie) – 55:39
Silver RntS (Allison, Evette, Kirsty, Paul) – 57:29

Race Results from the event organiser:
1st place 49:48 Runners-next-the-Sea (Shane, Bob, Mark & Ant)
2nd place 52:01 Reepham Runners (Jenni, Pete, Rory & Julian)
3rd place 52:06 Reepham Runners (Sarah, Sam, Tim & Nigel)
LADY – 1 lap 7:37 Amy Clarke, Reepham Runners
LADY – 2 laps 17:24 Chloe Monsey, Reepham Runners
MEN – 1 lap 8:15 Julian Clarke, Reepham Runners
MEN – 2 laps 14:53 Ant Cude, Runners-next-the-Sea