The 13th Edition Houghton Hall Cross Country

Well, they tagline this event with the simple phrase ‘mud, sweat and holes’, and to be honest, and think that sums it up just right!

For the 20 RntS who attended, this was all our first time at the Houghton XC and I think we all enjoyed it. Yes it was muddy (luckily not too much cow bum mud, even in Cow Pat Corner), there were holes (we’re not talking little holes, we’re talking holes that they call Pit and Pit 2, each one being a 3 or 4 meter drop and then climb back out again – with nightmare muddy feet on the steps of Pit 2) and there was sweat – 3 laps around that and it was time to fun for the finish line, which luckily had a burger and chip wagon parked behind it!

It was the first in the Norfolk Athletics Team Cross Country League – the next race being on the 8th December in Shouldham Wrren.

I think a few of us would definitely do it again, it was a friendly and well marshaled event, less than a tenner and very close to home!

Official Times:
Ant – 34:21
Glyn – 37:47
Shane – 38:38
Cam – 39:23 – 2nd in class
Rob J – 39:17
Paul – 40:21
Steve – 40:51
Amanda Ma – 41:19
Lorraine – 41:34
Stu – 46:15
Cat – 48:06
Mark – 48:12
Susie – 48:49
Hayley J – 50:11
Chris – 53:02
Anita – 53:42
Ceri – 53:43
Lisa – 53:47
Sophie – 54:42
Lynne – 1:00:36