The Blickling Half Marathon

Official Times:
Daniel – 1:25:06.4
Rob – 1:49:50.4
Katie – 1:52:58.3
David H – 2:00:01.1
Nita – 2:12:10.9

“It was great to be back at an event…morning butterflies!!.. I really enjoyed it!!  I think they did a really good job too as we didn’t really make contact with anyone…was kinda surreal!!.. I think I saw about 3 other runners all day!!.. good fun though!!..”
Daniel (Bib 12)

“On arriving they had 3 designated car parks all free of charge so plenty of spaces for all. On walking to the event you had to be masked and hand sanitise on arrival to the start line.. ID was checked randomly- I was one of the people who was checked. Numbers were ticked off.  As you prepared to set off. Rolling start meant you could start at any point within your 20min time frame – this was actually quite nice as you could take your time and not feel rushed or pressured!  I only actually overtook 4 people in the whole race and only had 2 people overtake me. It was well organised.  Drinks station half way around with bottles of water.  Marshal’s were good but few and far between so although it was a race it was quite mentally draining as you pretty much did the whole half marathon alone with no music and very few people to motivate you around the course.  On finishing you collected your medal and water and then had to head straight back to your car.”
Katie (Bib 284)

“I had wondered what the atmosphere would be like, how this would work in a covid-safe way, and how if would ‘feel’. My first, and only, problem was toilet facilities prior to running (arrived early, and Rob was 2 waves ahead if me..) as I didn’t want to go down to the start early, and wasn’t sure what public facilities were open. Start was awesome, felt very safe, good to do a few zig zags on the field as probably wasnt fully warmed up… But set off well, loved having no queues for the loo, and a clean start, no issues being mixed up with runners who don’t end up in the ‘right’ time wave. Marshaling was great, all friendly, and helpful . Loved the run, was good running in space at the start, this made up for not having close runners later on to use as unofficial pacers😉 Water bottle bins were great… Virtually no litter… Awesome for the environment and the clean up teams… Runs should always do this…? The course was awesome, had i known what it was like in terms of hilly-for-norfolk I wouldn’t have even tried for a PB….as it was I shaved a minute off my previous so was v. happy. The clean start helped but so did my improved running with my fellow RntS.😊 I’d be very happy to run again under similar rules, there are advantages, and the happy marshaling teams made up for the lack of cheering crowds, spectators were sensible and i never felt it was too crowded or ‘unsafe’ Massive well done to the organisers, and thanks to the marshaling teams. 👍I’m not sure my legs will recover for a week… I’ve not run uphill like that, that often, in a race before, and particularly for the finish!!”
Nita (Bib 496)