Hunny Bell Cross Country

Wow, what a turnout of club members at the Hunny Bell Cross Country run today.  Well done to everyone who ran and to all those who supported.

It was a great event to take part in with amazing support from everyone who came to watch and from all the marshalls around the course.

We were lucky enough to have a nice sunny day, although the stiff breeze made running across the fields somewhat of a challenge.  The course was undulating  and tricky underfoot at times, but such a lovely place to run and delicious cake at the village hall once finished.

Well done to Paul who looked after and stayed with Cam who unfortunately had to pull out of the race due to feeling poorly, we wish you well Cam.

Official Results:-

David Coslett              00:36:38 – 1st RntS - 2nd in age group and 6th place overall

Anthony Cude             00:38:21 – 3rd in age group

Shane Hunt                 00:38:52 – 3rd in age group

Liam Dawson             00:39:18

Darren French             00:39:26

Lorraine Hunt             00:41:05 – 1st Rnts lady - 3rd in age group – 6th female overall

Rob Jackman             00:41:54

Kevin Short                 00:42:16 – 1st in age group

Amanda Marshall        00:43:10 – 1st in age group

Alice Humphries         00:44:52

Sarah-Jane Smith       00:45:13

Stuart Williams            00:46:00

Michael Turner            00:46:03

Andy Payne                00:46:59

Bob Humphries           00:47:35

Jade Robertson          00:48:06

Paula Smith                00:48:06 – 2nd in age group

Ian George                  00:48:37

Laura Watson             00:50:11

John Kenyon               00:50:19

Evette Price                00:50:29

Allison Graves            00:51:33

Pete Alder                   00:52:00

Nita Jackman             00:53:19

Cat Cameron              00:53:29

Kerrie Coslett              00:53:46

Libby Woodhouse       00:54:50

Hayley Wright             00:55:33

Natasha Heley            00:56:05

Jenny Watson             00:57:22

Hayley Jones              00:57:33

Lynne Dowdy              00:58:33 – 2nd in age group

Kirsty Lack                  00:58:57

Chris Lubbock             01:00:10

Mark Riseborough      01:00:10

Belinda Elvin               01:00:35

Kevin Barker               01:02:16

Amy Howes                01:06:59

Gillian Bewick             01:15:46

Angie Barker               01:15:46