Mike Groves 10km

Well done to the runners who took part in the Mike Groves 10km race on Sunday.

On a very warm morning 3 RntS members took part in this race.

Official Results:-

Tara Betts - 00:44:51

Malcolm Senior - 00:47:43 (2nd in age group

Andy Payne - 00:49:09 - pb

A busy weekend of running for the RntS

Mammouth Marathon / Half Marathon

The first road Marathon in Norfolk since  1990 took place on Sunday.  5 RntS took part in the marathon and 7 RntS took part in the half marathon.

Well done to all the runners, but especially to the marathon runners.  Congratulations to Rob, Nita and Pete who ran their first marathon.

Thank you to Kevin & Evette for volunteering at the event, their cheers at the end were very welcome.

Write up by Ant Cude for the Half:-

After a rather chilly gathering of RntS on the start line at Mundesley, which after the heat of Saturday was a welcome change in temperature.  We (Cam and I) started our trip along the Coast Road to the finishing line in Sheringham.  We all got into our strides after the initial climb out of Mundesley had finished.  The weather conditions were perfect with a slight tail wind also helping.  As we made our way to Cromer there was no shortage of support from people in their gardens and the calls of well done and keep going were most welcome.  

Entering Cromer the traffic was manged well for us to run through unhindered, again the support was great from some friendly faces rom the North Norfolk Beach Runners.

Reports over the last few weeks of monster hills and hard climbs from fellow runners had made us worry about the course and up to the point of entering Sheringham I was wondering what all the fuss was about, but as we turned left into Common Lane I was about to find out that Norfolk is indeed not flat. The climb just kept going and kept getting steeper.  We passed several people who had given up running and it was just about survival to get to the top.  We were determined not to stop running but the speed certainly dropped off.  Getting to the top was a delight and the run to the finish was made all the better with the great support of fellow club runners marshalling or just out to support each other for the event.

Official Results Marathon:-

Darren Smith - 4:18:02

Rob Jackman - 4:20:39 - pb

Lucy Mccallum - 4:59:06

Peter Alder - 5:13:27 pb

Nita Jackman - 5:29:06 pb

Official Results Half Marathon:-

Cam Raven - 1:45:39 - pb

Ant Cude - 1:45:40

Roland Bewick - 1:53:40

Kerrie Coslett - 2:20:24

Hayley Wright - 2:21:25

Nur Hooton - 2:23:50

Lynne Dowdy - 2:31:14

Dereham 10 Mile

Well done to the 9 RntS who took part in the Dereham 10 mile race on Sunday.

Write ups by Paula Smith & Malcolm Senior:-

Paula Smith:-

Today was my second time running the Dereham 10 mile race. The last time was 3 years ago, I was younger & I’m pretty sure I felt fitter?!
It’s a well organised run that starts & finishes at Dereham High School.  It’s roughly a 2 mile run out, a 6 mile loop on country roads then the same 2 miles back to the High School.
It’s all on road and mostly flat, although there are a few hills in the last couple of miles - I definitely remember them from last time!
We had a few RntS in attendance and some great pb’s too 👏🏻 Sadly, that didn’t include me (I blame dropping & losing all my sweets at mile 5!!) but I came close and I’d be tempted to try again next year. If you’ve thought about a step up from 10k’s or are thinking about training for half marathon distance I’d definitely recommend it.
Malcom Senior's write up of the Dereham 10-mile Road Race on Sunday 15th May 2022.


The 10 Mile race starts at Dereham Neatherd High School, Norwich Road, Dereham and then heads out into beautiful countryside along quiet roads to return to school for the finish. The route is predominately flat with some gentle undulations – that`s the official advert.

 It was trying to rain as we left Dersingham for the 45-minute drive to Dereham but it cleared as we arrived and stayed dry throughout the morning. The temperature was around 13 deg so a good day for a race. Dereham Runners AC were well organised from parking cars, number pick up, and race result presentation.

From the school the course headed east on the old A47 for two and half miles, turning onto single track roads for a four and half mile loop before returning back onto the old A47 to return to the school.

It was my first long race (greater than 10K) since August 2019 so I had to dig into my physical and mental reserves after mile 7. I felt that the route had long steady inclines rather than gentle undulation but there was no doubt that the loop on the single-track rural Norfolk roads were quiet. The course was well marshalled and plenty of volunteers at the three water stops, all volunteers giving support and encouragement for the runners.

 All finishers received a medal, refreshments at the school (tea, coffee home-made cakes) were sold in aid of charities Big C Cancer Charity and CICRA (better lives for children with crohn`s and colitis).

 Finished in a time of 1:17:29 chip time placing me 3rd MV70+. As this was an Athletic Norfolk event I also received a 3rd place County medal.

Official Results:-
Kevin Heyhoe - 1:11:41 pb
Shane Hunt - 1:13:37 pb
Tara Betts - 1:15:17
Lorraine Hunt 1:15:22 pb
Malcolm Senior 1:17:29 - 3rd in age 
Gordana Sucur-Hills - 1:19:23 pb
Paula Smith - 1:22:02
Andy Payne - 1:24:05 pb
Kirsty Lack - 1:47:01

Norfolk County Championships

Cat Foley-Wray and Chris Palmer both took part in this event - well done to both of them.

Chris Palmer - Silver medal in the M70+ category for the 100 metres with a time of 15.6 seconds.  Sadly Chris tore the rotator cuff in his right shoulder in warm up so was in A&E rather than taking part in the 200m.  We wish you a speedy recovery Chris.

Cat Foley-Wray - First place in the V35 category for the 3000 metres with a time of 11:32

Write up by Cat Foley-Wray:-

With a few days before entries closed I decided to enter myself into the Norfolk 3k track and field championships.  Despite having not stepped on a track since 2016 I knew the drill and had nothing to lose and was keen to see how I would do. Track running is different to road/ xc especially when the number of laps increase. My intention was to set off slow and suss out the field and hope to be able to tuck in behind someone and get dragged along. It was a small field of youngsters with me clearly being the golden oldie! It was one of my most comfortable races where I felt relaxed and actually enjoyed it, probably as there was zero pressure and had my lovely boys clapping and cheering on each lap. I gradually picked the pace up which was helped by the little wind and came through the field to finish 2nd overall and 1st female, making me the vet 35 3k County Champion in a time of 11mins 32. Even though I was the only vet 35, you have to be in it to win it😂

Aylsham 10km

Well done to everyone who took part in the Aylsham 10km race this morning.

Race Report by Kerrie Coslett:

It was a hot and sunny morning when we arrived at Aylsham, it was easy to park and get to the race Head Quarters.  Very well organised with getting the race numbers and quick queues for the toilets (always a bonus!).  The race started at 9am, a good start time with the sun already feeling very hot.

The RntS runners gathered together waiting for the race briefing and we were talking about the race ahead.  I thought I had mapped out the route on a route planning app which showed the route to be flat, I shared with this the group, maybe I should have kept what I thought to myself.  It was definitely not flat!!

The run was undulating and I would say the first half of the race uphill, but with a lovely scenic route and the majority of the second half down hill, it really was an enjoyable run.

The marshals were out in force on the course and were very encouraging along the way.

Well done to Aylsham Runners for putting on a great race.

Official Results:

Ant Cude - 00:41:33

Cameron Raven - 00:42:37 - PB

Malcolm Senior - 00:46:49

Mat Eyre - 00:47:21

Andy Payne - 00:51:10

Sarah-Jane Smith - 00:51:15

Lucy Mccallum - 00:58:29

Kerrie Coslett - 00:59:32

Hayley Wright - 01:03:26

2 Mile Handicap 2022 – Run 1

A bit late adding this news event, but well done to everyone who took part in the 1st 2 mile handicap of 2022.

Results as follows:-


NameRun1 180422
Andy S12:21
David C12:34
Kevin H12:56
Cat FW13:16
Cam 13:17
Michael T14:22
Malcolm S14:45
Andy P15:24
Bob L16:19
Peter A16:32
Rachel D16:32
Hayley J18:29
Lucy M19:11
Sophie D19:31
Marie P20:04
Denise L25:00

Club Presentation Evening 2022

RntS award winners 2021:
The winners are:
Men's beach run: Darren Smith
Women's beach run: Hayley Jane
Coaches women's award: Sarah-Jane Smith
Coaches men's award: Rob Jackman
Committee award: Kerrie Coslett
Runners' runner award: Paul Woodhouse
Lifelong membership and honorary presidency awards: Evette Price and Kevin Short
Congratulations to Lynne Dowdy who will be running the London Marathon in October 2022 representing the Club - good luck Lynne.

Kings Lynn GEAR

Well done to all the runners who took part in Sunday's run.  From what I heard it was a great run with lots of support.

Official Results

Stuart Cameron - 00:49:48

Marie Duncan - 00:59:36

Tash Heley - 00:59:46

Sophie Defew - 01:06:26

Ceri Howell - 01:08:17

Amy Howes - 01:11:20

Tasha Woodhouse - 01:13:01

Angie Barker - 01:18:35

Fakenham Active Easter Run

Well done to everyone who ran, volunteered and supported at the Active Fakenham Easter Run


Official Results:

Ant Cude - 20:01

Liam Dawson - 21:00

Cam Raven - 22:02

Darren Smith - 22:04

Rob Jackman - 22:45

Paul Woodhouse - 22:52

Andy Payne - 24:03

Julie Fisher - 27:21

Nita Jackman - 28:09

Libby Woodhouse - 28:12

Sophie Defew - 30:54

Ceri Howell - 33:05

Jenn Simmons-Brack - 36:42

Chloe Fisher - 36:42

A Weekend of Beautiful sunshine at Brighton and Bungay

Bungay Marathon - 10th April 2022

Very well done to Andy Sutton running Bungay Marathon resulting in a huge pb.  Andy has provided me with his write up:-

The day started with an hour drive to Bungay. A lovely sunny day lots of people around for the event. The first 7 miles to Beccles is very hilly. The next 6 is a lot flatter. Then passing the start line we get to do it all again! My pb was a 3 hr 49 I was aiming for a 3:40, but managed to complete in 3:27 finishing 18th out of 150. The last 5 miles were very difficult. At every water and marshal station there was lots of encouragement.

Official Result - 03:27:26 - PB

Brighton 10km

Well done Mat & Hayley for completing the Brighton 10km before cheering on the marathon runners.

Unofficial Results at the time of typing:-

Mat Eyre - 45:47

Hayley Wright - 1:00:59

Brighton Marathon

Tara Betts & Kirsty Lack both took on Brighton Marathon - very well done to both of them and from what I hear some fabulous supporters along the course.

Kirsty has written up the race report:-

I always remember when I started running and had finished a parkrun, someone said to me ‘marathon soon’ and I was very much ‘no way’ as I wouldn’t be able to commit enough time to all the training required. Roll on a few years and I’ve been completing a half marathon a month as a personal challenge to myself. I then had the opportunity last year for a place in Brighton marathon which I decided to take up. I made myself a training plan which fitted around being a mum and working full-time and committed myself to it. I really enjoyed the training, even the long runs; there was just one day where I doubted myself but the lovely Rnts crew were there with support as always.

So Brighton weekend came. And it was AMAZING! We had all been so hyped up and excited in the weeks leading up to it. We had to collect race numbers the day before and the buzz in the air was brilliant. Up until we stepped into the tent for collection I’d felt absolutely fine but then the nerves kicked in a little but soon passed, it just didn’t seem real. We then dropped off my bag with what I wanted post-race in the bag drop area and looked at the merchandise. I didn’t want to jinx myself by buying a finisher top before the actual run so I had a look at what was on offer and made some selections which Paula and Clare would then get for me once I passed the halfway point. We also bumped into Hayley and Mat who were there for the 10k and also Ian which was really nice to see some familiar faces.

Race day! I’d slept awful the night before so was up earlier than planned and prepping myself for the day. Felt a bit nervous again on the park & ride bus but it soon passed thanks to Paula and Clare. The bus dropped us off and it was a short walk to Preston Park where the 10k and marathon started from. Paula and Clare had worked out where they were heading for spotting and supporting but I didn’t know so every time I saw them it was a lovely surprise. They left to get to their first spot and Hayley and Mat went down to the corrals for their race to start. The compere was talking about some of the runners and he spotted the Rnts top as I heard him read it out! Standing on my own was a bit weird as everyone else seemed to be in groups but then Ian found me so we started together.

Starting at Preston Park the first mile was a loop around that on a gradual incline and then we headed out into the city. Having all the crowds clapping and cheering was such a boost and I was trying to look both sides for Paula and Clare desperate not to miss them, especially as Paula had made me a poster! Even though I was running on my own, it wasn’t lonely. I was trying to spot people wearing leggings by the brand that I wear so we could boost each other and it was nice seeing people with their charity vests on, their reasons for running and some amazing costumes: batman, a rhino, Scooby Doo, the Gruffalo, a team from a hospital running together pushing a hospital bed, there was a man who ran it all backwards and we also spotted a barefoot runner too. I loved looking at the posters as well, some people had made generic ones which made me smile and there was so many personalised ones – you get a bit emotional reading them all. A few times the route doubles back on itself so you get to see runners in the faster groups and some of the runners who are behind you too. A couple of killer hills are thrown in for good measure but the hilly parts are mainly in the first half and a lovely flat last six miles to a glorious finish line. Such amazing views and luckily the wind had died down from the previous day and the sun came out – I am sporting a rosy glow today and some odd tan lines!

The crowd support was amazing, especially as I got to see Paula and Clare five times and Hayley and Mat came to support once they completed their 10k’s.

The hardest part of the course was in the dock area which had very little supporters (it’s the furthest point away from the finish line in the last six or so miles) and I was flagging a little. There was so many fuel stations and I made the most of them even though I was carrying all my drinks and snacks – I definitely needed a lot more drink than I had anticipated due to the heat.

The last four miles took us back along the seafront which was a mixture of angry stomping/power walking and running as my Garmin had a meltdown!! I was so angry but I think it helped me to just keep going. Seeing friends and everyone's posters, cheers of support and other runners encouraging each other just made the whole experience a fantastic one. Now to work on a few more longer runs during the day to get used to running in the heat...bring on the next one – I can’t wait!

Unofficial Results at the time of typing:-

Tara Betts - 03:49:19

Kirsty Lack - 05:45:54

Well done to the runners who took part in 2 races this weekend

London Landmarks Half Marathon

4 runners took part in this event, which started out very cold but turned into a lovely sunny day. 

My day started by getting up at 4:30am, with Lucy picking me up at 5am to travel down to London.  We had decided to travel on the day and Lucy had booked a parking space in Central London.  She easily navigated her way there and was certainly braver than me!  We walked the 10 minutes to the start area, which was already busy and very well organised - different waves with different start time.

I got into my pen at 9:30 ready for a 9:45 start (chocolate wave), the atmosphere was exciting and it was buzzing.  We bumped into Angie, Teresa and Shirley who were watching the start of the race waiting for their pen to open. 

This is my second time running this race and it did not disappoint again.  The run goes by so quickly (in my opinion) due to looking out for all the different landmarks that the route passes - St Paul's Cathedral, The Royal Courts of Justice, Big Ben and The London Eye in the distance and The Bow Bells  ringing loudly.

The crowd were loud and encouraging, steel bands, choirs and musical groups playing and singing along the way.  Libby and Paul were a welcome surprise along the way and Lucy cheering me to finish and encouraging me to push for a pb.

I would thoroughly recommend this event to anyone, very well organised and a lovely route. 

Official Results

Kerrie Coslett - 02:11:03 pb

Teresa Abel - 03:12:39 

Angie Barker - 03:12:40

Shirley Browell - 03:12:40


Goodwood Motor Circuit

Flying the flag for RntS at Goodwood Motor Circuit - Alex Wray taking part in the Goodwood 20mile race.

02.58.48 (unofficial time) - pb

On a lovely Spring morning 2 events took place

Blicking Half Marathon - 6 club members took part this morning, resulting in 3 pb's - well done everyone.

This weeks write up is by Kirsty Lack:-

With what looked like promising weather for a run, I set off earlier than usual for today's race which started at 8:30am. A two lap course starting and finishing in front of Blickling Hall was well supported by the marshalls all the way round and of course the RntS cheerleading crew - especially Oliver (thank you all!). Heading away from the hall we were on track for some beautiful scenery on a mixture of road and compacted trails with a few hills thrown in for good measure. Was nice to be at a steady pace to be able to appreciate the views and chat with other runners, especially other club members. Blickling hall made a beautiful backdrop to the all-important finish line with a sprint finish to be rewarded with a lovely medal and refreshments. Would definitely recommend 😊

Official Results:-

James Goddard - 1:27:34

Andrew Sutton - 1:30:04 - pb

Lorraine Hunt - 1:40:10 - pb

Allison Graves - 2:15:09

Lynne Dowdy - 2:22:02 - pb

Kirsty Lack - 2:21:59

Ryston Runners XC Series - Race Number 6 - well done Mat & Hayley.

Hayley received a memento of the Series at today's event. 

Hayley has kindly written the race report for this event:-

It was perfect XC race conditions today and a lot drier underfoot than previous races. I’ve managed 5 out of 6 races this year with some tricky weather conditions at times. It’s a great series, Ryston hold a very well organised but relaxed race with an incredible cake stall! They’re a welcoming club and a series momento is a lovely touch for those of us who turn up each month but are not in the medal placings. The medal/ trophy presentation at the bowls club afterwards today was well supported and a lovely way to end the XC series.

Ceri was very supportive marshalling as we started the run up the killer hill!

Official Results:-

Mat Eyre - 29:23

Hayley Wright - 38:14