Cambridge Half Marathon

6 Runners travelled to Cambridge on Sunday to run the 11th Cambridge Half Marathon.

Bob has kindly written the race report

"This was my first big race with thousands of runners. It was well organised with a beautiful course, and arriving at the venue with 45 minutes to spare was fine for dropping off my bag, using the loo, and getting into the pen. What with driving from Wells on the day there wasn’t time to worry about the race itself. One thing did phase me: people I didn’t know shouting out my name. I thought I must be surrounded by well-known Bobs (Hope, Mortimer, Monkhouse)."

Official Results

David Coslett - 1:25:02 (pb)

Rob Jackman - 1:42:33

Bob Lyddon - 2:01:08

Hayley Wright - 2:09:12

Kerrie Coslett - 2:13:39

Nita Jackman - 2:16:19

British Championships at Lee Valley, London.

Very well done to Chris who qualified for the 60 metre final with a pb of 09:50.  Then got another pb of 09:37 to finish 4th in the final - 0.2 seconds off a medal.

Great running Chris.