Meet Lorraine Hunt

Lorraine has been a club member for a few years.  

Lorraine runs with Group C and can always be seen with a smile on her face.

1.How long have you been running for?
Running for about 15 years
2. What made you start running?
To get fit and mainly to shift a few pounds after having my daughter. I started with my sister who swiftly gave up when we went out in the rain as it was “ just ridiculous running in the rain” But I  carried on and I’ve never looked back!!
3. Your favourite place to run?
That’s such a tough one as there’s so many lovely routes around here. I couldn’t choose a favourite.
4. Your favourite race?
Sandringham 1/2 marathon
5. Your favourite parkrun?
Holkham without a doubt. Not the easiest but by far the friendliest!
6. What is your favourite time of day to run and why?
Early morning, when the sun is rising and there’s wildlife coming to life…. I love absolutely love it!
7. What is your preferred distance?
1/2 marathon
8. Best one piece of advice you can give other runners?
Don’t be hard on yourself, even the best runners have bad runs. Run to enjoy running!