Norfolk Gazelles Big Stampede

A great turnout of RntS at the Big Stampede and a first outing for the club gazebo which was very welcome in the rain!

Paul Woodhouse has kindly provided the write up:-

8 teams of 4 RntS set of for the Norfolk Showground after putting their clocks and watches back an hour.

The anticipation was high not only for the well talked about relay, but also the first outing of the new Club Gazebo.

What a good day to unveil it! On arrival the rain was already falling but with a small team working together it was up in a matter of minutes and in use.

Situated in a prime spot it gave a great hub for meeting and supporting the runners as they ran past.

As in past years and other Gazelles events it was really well organised.

The relay consisted of 4 legs with each runner running 3 laps to cover 5k each.

With loads of vocal support passing the gazebo it definitely helped the runners get great personal times.

This race is not only good for the runners but for the team mates waiting as you can see most of the course from one place.

The club was commended by the organiser for the amount of teams it had entered for a relatively new and small club.

They thanked us for our support and are looking forward to returning the favour at the Beach Run.

Results for the day are attached with some close finishing times between a few of the teams

Speedy RntS of course finished as top Rnts team (would of been a bad choice of name if they hadn`t) but credit to all who took part and joined in the spirit of the day.

Speedy Rnts

Ant - 00:19:27

Mat - 00:20:54

Tom - 00:22:16

David - 00:20:04

Total Time - 01:22:46

Double LP's (LPLP)

Liam - 00:21:4

Paula - 00:24:02

Lorraine - 00:22:14

Paul - 00:22:29

Total Time - 01:30:37

Running on empty!!!

Gemma - 00:24:49

Kyle - 00:20:04

Laura - 00:26:41

Andy S - 00:20:13

Total Time - 01:32:00

Team 69

Andy P - 00:23:20

Ana - 00:22:56

Bob H - 00:23:38

Sarah-Jane - 00:23:33

Total Time - 01:33:34


Michael - 00:24:08

Sean - 00:23:44

Colin - 00:23:43

Cameron - 00:22:02

Total Time - 01:33:43


Bob L - 00:25:54

Chris L - 00:26:42

Rachel - 00:26:31

Will - 00:26:01

Total Time - 01:45:15

Run now Moan Later

Kerrie - 00:28:52

Lucy M - 00:26:25

Hayley E - 00:28:47

Rob J - 00:23:24

Total Time - 01:47:41

RIOT (Running is Our Therapy)

Julie - 00:26:01

Anna - 00:25:50

Nita - 00:28:25

Libby - 00:27:35

Total Time - 01:48:04

Rhodia Fen 10

Malcolm Senior took part in the Fen 10 race on Sunday finishing second in his age category

Fen10 – October 30, 2022 - 11:00 am start

Organised by the Fenland Running Club (FRC) this 10-mile race started and finished at West Walton School, West Walton, Wisbech.

I had entered the race late to ensure I had trained sufficiently and felt okay running that distance. Only my 2nd 10 mile race this year. It was raining when I was ready to leave the house but the forecast was for dry sunny periods and fortunately that’s how it turned out. Car parking was a problem this year and I was parked about a mile away. Headed down the road to the school and picked-up my number, checked my bag and warmed up. The race director gave a good summary of the course, English Athletics rules, health & safety and were led to the start line.

The course was on open Cambridgeshire Fenland roads with PR potential so the organisers would have you believe. The race did go quickly I think that was because I was trying to watch and keep to the centre of the road, if you are too close to the edge you are in the puddles and the 45-degree camber of these rural roads. Heading back to West Walton I was struggling against the wind that was blowing across the open landscape.

Finished in a time of 1:20:57 – 95th overall from a field of 211. The race limit was 400 runners, I don’t think races are getting the number of registrations like they used to. Age position 2nd from the 9 in my group. All finishers received a shirt, nice design and colours made with recycled polyester and notebooks from Rhodia who are an Online Notebook and Pad supplier (different anyway).

Well organised, well marshalled, very friendly atmosphere and plenty of cakes and coffee at the finish and the weather stayed dry if not a little windy.

Official Result - 1:20-:57