Horsford XC and EAMA 10k at Wymondham

Horsford XC

Well done to the 5 hardy cross runners who ran Horsford on a wet Sunday morning.

Report by Paul Woodhouse

An ideal morning for a XC with apprehensive thoughts of crossing the ditches in Horsford Woods.
Travelling towards Norwich the rain was falling steadily and the temperature not really trying to rise above 5 degrees.
We made our way to the sign posted car park and walked the short distance to the registration with the rain still falling. This was nice and easy, £4 on the day just giving your name and club.
The marshals at the station were very friendly, one even asking about joining us as a second preference club.
Hopefully we can look forward to welcoming Maureen along in the near future.
With this completed it was time to reveal the nice white club shirts for the standard before photo.
This completed we made our way to the start as the rain came to a halt.
The race begun along a narrow gravel woodland path which made it a bit follow the leader.
This was no problem today as both myself and Rob ran with Libby and Nita respectfully for a while.
Cam in the meantime started to meander through the runners obviously a lot keener on reaching the water crossing.
The route eventually widened slightly as you ran along the perimeter of the woods and after a detour through a pit we continued a little further before turning onto a narrow footpath, Twisting our way around trees and ferns we worked our way slightly downhill towards the boggy area. First came a few logs to hurdle/step over then a small ditch before the welcoming smell of the two water filled ditches at around 2km.
These are both waist deep with slimy banks on entering and exiting, there is a rope to help you across but no sooner you are out of the first you are lowering yourself into the second.
After leaving the second you literally wade through a boggy section before running again on a slight incline. At the top there is a sharp left turn and welcoming path leading back to the start/finish area.
Completing this circuit we then had the pleasure of repeating it twice more knowing that each crossing of the ditches would become more difficult and no warmer.
We all finished in good spirits and had plenty of banter along the way. Cam believe it or not was the muddiest of the Rnts by far.
Official Times:-
Cam     46.33
Paul     52.16
Rob      52.17        3rd in age
Libby    54.36       2nd in age
Nita      55.33

EAMA 10k

Well done to Vanessa who ran at Wymondham at the weekend.

After a very wet trip to wymondham the rain stopped just before the race.  A lovely run with some hills to tackle. You start down lady's lane which with the Rain had become wet and muddy with some very big puddles to dodge.  After turning left a nice gentle downhill met you little did I no that round the next corner was 3K of uphill.  Suddenly everything I had been told about running hills was going through my head, and I was so happy to reach the top.  Around afew more corners and back onto hills.  I thought Norfolk was flat? Back along the muddy lane to finish where runners were all cheering you on.  One more push to get over the finish line at 1hr 19 seconds.  My quickest yet.  A lovely medal and a t-shirt for all the finisher's.  I would highly recommend this run.

Official Result - 01:00:19 - pb