Horsford XC, Marham 10k and The not New Years Day run

Horsford XC - Race 2 of the Series.

Cam Raven took part in the second race of the Horsford XC series on 18th December.  Well done Cam

Official Result - 45:54

Marham Flyers New Year's Eve 10k

5 runners travelled to Marham to take part in this event.  Well done all.

Official Results:-

Mat Eyre - 00:43:32

Andrew Tuckett - 00:49:37

Cam Raven - 00:50:59

Roland Bewick - 00:52:26

Michelle Finnegan - 01:04:00

The Wymondham NOT New Year's Day 10k

Well done to Andy Payne and Vanessa Green who travelled to Wymondham to run this event.

Race report by Vanessa:-

On a beautiful morning I left home with the sun shining to head to Wymondham for the Not New Years Day Run.  Once arriving in Wymondham I made my way to Central Hall to get my race number and I saw Andy Payne there.  Both looking forward to the race Andy went for a warm up while I dropped my van off at my parents.  As there were so many runners and the start line is down a  tight lane we were set of in 2 waves, the runners who would finish under 50 minutes went first followed by the rest of us. As we were waiting to start you could hear a lot of runners doubting how well they would do after Christmas after lots of food and alcohol.  Me and Andy both feeling the same. Suddenly all the turkey sandwiches and cakes  and New Year Eve drinks were not a good idea. 3,2,1 and we are off, the start of the race is down a tight lane and hard to overtake anyone, till you head out on the roads where it opens up to a lovely down hill start which was lovely, though as I had run this route for the EAMA 10K I knew we would be running back up this hill at the end.  We soon found ourselves on a very long up hill that soon had runners slowing up and some admitting defeat and walking.  After making it to the top it was a much needed flat to get your breath back and a few downhills to enjoy before the inclines started again  That lovely downhill start that we all enjoyed soon become a uphill finish, with Ants words in my head I pushed myself to get to the top, back onto the narrow lane which led down to the finishing line, one final push and managing to pass a few runners before crossing the finish line in 1hr 3min. As I came over the finish line Andy was there to congratulate me on my run always lovely to see a RNTS as you finish a race.    Andy had a fantastic run and came in at 50mins 50 seconds, massive well done to him.  We both agreed it was a lovely run with some long hills.  Thank you to Wymondham AC races for a great run and very well organised also to the fantastic marshalls along the way all with big smiles and given encouragement along the way.  A fantastic race which I highly recommend.  A brilliant way to start 2023

Official Results:-

Andy Payne - 00:50:50

Vanessa Green - 01:03:47