Cambridge Half Marathon and Mike Groves 10k

Cambridge Half Marathon

A chilly day in Cambridge for the HM runners who were all superb and managed a few PBs too!

When asked for comment by the Roving RntS Reporters, they replied:

‘Ouch’ – Shirley
‘It was cold’ – Jenny’s feet
‘I normally do not enjoy large events like this one, but it was so well organised that I would like to enter again. The atmosphere was superb, we had a good team of runners and supporters, which made the experience more enjoyable. I was hoping for a PB and worked hard for it weeks before running it. It seemed like one of my toughest races due to being ultra cold for me. However, I have gained this experience and will be better prepared the next time. I have already learnt so much since joining the RntS and they are responsible for me being able to sustain faster pace over long distances such as this.’ – Ana

Official Results:
David C – 1:23:48 – PB
Ana – 1:40:51 – PB
Rob – 1:43:14
Paula – 1:48:11
Bob L – 1:55:52 – PB
Hayley – 2:03:19 – PB
Michelle – 2:21:07
Nita – 2:22:36
Shirley – 2:30:23 – PB
David S – 2:36:42
Angie – 2:55:24 – PB

Mike Groves 10k
It’s always windy at RAF Coltishall!

Official Results:
Will – 00:53:21.9
Marie – 01:00:07.9