Alex Moore Relay

Thanks to Andy for this week’s report:

A very hot day saw the return of the Alex Moore Relay. Hosted by the Norfolk Gazelles and based out of the Goat inn Skeyton (advantageous for much needed post-race hydration). On arrival the grounds were already a hive of activity with most of the Norfolk Running Clubs setting up their gazebos to provide some much-needed shade from the sun which was already intense at 08:30.

After posing for pre-race photos (many thanks to Pete Alder for all the pics from the day) we headed towards the start for the pre-race briefing where Alex Moore’s partner told us about some history on why the race was setup in his memory.

For those unfamiliar with the race format, it comprises of four legs being completed by teams of three.

First leg – Runner A completes one 2.2-mile lap.

Second Leg – Runner B completes two laps (4.4 mile)

Third Leg – Runner C completes two laps (4.4 miles)

Final Leg – All three runners run together on one final 2.2-mile lap.

The lap starts off with a gradual uphill which did offer a small amount of shade in places. This then turns into a slightly steeper hill and unfortunately at this point the shade disappears, and the sun was relentless. Luckily there’s a nice downhill section taking you back towards the Goat Inn and the start of the lap.

Some fantastic efforts were put in by everyone today. Special mentions to all the C runners who had to do the full three laps in one hit at the hottest part of the race.

As a club we had a fantastic turnout with 9 teams totalling 27 runners. We also had some top support from Pete Alder, Denise Leeder, Francesca Iaccorino and Mat Eyre which was very much appreciated.

Upon completion everyone stayed on for a BBQ/Picnic of sorts with the odd pint going down very well.

I can’t recommend this event enough for next year. The relay type event allows for some top-quality racing but also a great social event as well.

The Norfolk Gazelles have just opened entries for their Big Stampede at the Showground on the 1st of October which is also a great event (Teams of 4 each running a 5km) and hopefully a bit cooler.

I’m now off to continue re-hydrating.

Speedy Rnts – 1:33:16

  • David Coslett
  • Shane Hunt
  • Ant Cude

Smiles for Miles – 1:39:59

  • Lorraine Hunt
  • Kevin Heyhoe
  • Stuart Gollands

RSP no V – 1:42:13

  • Paul Woodhouse
  • Rob Jackman
  • David Ralph

Better Lace Than Never – 1:42:26

  • Will Ayley-Dodd
  • Ana Hills
  • Tara Betts

Runners-not-next-the-Sea – 1:44:15

  • Evette Price
  • Kevin Short
  • Liam Dawson

Run Now Wine later – 1:46:49

  • Kirsty Daniels
  • Paula Smith
  • Alex Wray

Team 69 – 1:50:07

  • Andy Payne
  • Sarah-Jane Smith
  • Bob Humphries

RntS Runts – 02:11:08

  • Mark Riseborough
  • Vikki Powles
  • Rachel Dawson

Run For Cake – 02:14:40

  • Kerrie Coslett
  • Hayley Eyre
  • Lucy MccAllum

All photos taken by Pete can be found here.