Sydney Harbour 5k

Thanks to Nur for her report this weekend:

This event will always remain special to me as it was the first ever race my son participated in. We each ran at our own pace. I was very happy to meet my target of finishing in under 29 mins but I was even happier to see my son pacing himself all the way and finishing well before me. Above everything else his participation in the event made me very proud.


The course was spectacular, especially at the start when the course took us under the Sydney Harbour bridge and in the second half when we ran along the promenade in Barangaroo, with the Opera House coming into full view as the course took us back under the harbour bridge for a second time as we approached the finish line. So glad the event coincided with our visit to Sydney.

Gun time 28:46

Thanks to Chris & Ceri for a parkrun report from Singapore:

Bishan Park parkrun, Singapore
A parkrun in Singapore was not what Ceri and I had originally planned – that was supposed to be the Singapore Masters International Track and Field event in which I was entered for the 100m, 200m and 400m and Ceri had entered for the 400m and 800m. But Singapore weather can be extreme and 82% of an expected month’s rainfall in a morning puts paid to lots of things!

So, instead, it was an early start on Saturday at the beautiful Bishan Park because parkrun in Singapore – and there are three of them – starts at 7.30am while the temperature is still in the low 30s. However, it’s the 85% humidity, rather than just the heat, that finishes you off. And for me, I don’t do distance anymore, just sprinting and never more than 400m – so 5k is well out of my comfort zone even when it’s cool. So the two laps were tough. Nevertheless, we got round, with our son Owain – who lives in Singapore – finishing 3rd overall while Ceri was first in her age group and I was second.

And then it was hydration, hydration, hydration and a cab back to Owain’s apartment to lie down!