Run-next-the-Sea: Wells Carnival 2023

On Thursday 3rd August Runners-next-the-Sea was delighted to once again help organise the annual Run-next-the-Sea, as part of Wells Carnival 2023

The event has two distances: a 1.3 mile ‘fun run’ for all the family, and a 5 mile competitive event for those up for more of a challenge. Funds raised are split between Runners-next-the-Sea and a charity with a local link which, this year was voted on by club members.  The charity chosen was the RNLI which was particularly fitting, not only because of the new lifeboat house and lifeboat which have become operational since last year’s event, but because as the evening wore on we all witnessed just how fast the tide moves at Wells.  We had to move the finish line up the beach several times to accommodate the incoming tide, and the last runner only just made it back with dry feet.

Despite a miserable week weatherwise, the sun made a very welcome appearance on the evening (probably the best conditions all week!) and we had 84 runners taking part in the fun run and a further 39 hardy souls running the 5 miler.  A big thank you to everyone who took part, those that helped out to make the event happen and to Black Dog Computer Services for sponsoring.  Congratulations to the winners. and we hope to see you all again next year!

Fun Run Results (1.3 miles)

1Connor Bradley5700:06:501st Male Finisher
2Monty Wood-Davis7600:06:51
3Elliot Yaxley3700:07:15
4George Needham1100:07:40
5Rowan Whittlesey5300:07:41
6William Wood-Davis7400:07:48
7Cian Hall400:08:07
8Charlie Grieve900:08:09
9Joshua Grieve800:08:14
10Daniel Morris3200:08:21
11Wayne Bradley5800:08:25
12Sammy Nickless6400:08:25
13Bryan Cordury4400:08:31
14Chloe Munn1700:08:331st Female Finisher
15Martha Reece3500:08:44
16Chiara Patch1200:08:46
17Zander McCluskey4800:08:54
18Marsie Whittlesey5200:08:57
19Poppy Neenan3000:09:01
20Matthew Cordury4200:09:05
21Arthur North6000:09:06
22Alison North6100:09:06
23Mat Birch7700:09:12
24Ralph Birch7800:09:13
25Sascha Tillett1800:09:19
27Millie McCluskey4600:09:35
28George McCluskey4700:09:44
29Sam Nickless6200:09:52
30Connor Nickless6300:09:53
31Henry Wood-Davis7500:09:53
32Amelie Grieve1000:10:03
33Amber Wilson2100:10:05
34Eric Reece3600:10:17
35Isabel Pascel Grey6900:10:20
36Joseph Copley4000:10:24
37Clair Copley3900:10:28
38Lilly Peters3100:10:31
39Krystal Halls3300:10:42
40Benjamin Cordury4300:10:42
41Dan O'Brien700:10:48
42Nigel O'Brien600:10:50
43Esmee Saldahna2300:10:55
44Isabella Saldahna2400:11:06
45Lauren Saldahna2200:11:07
46Rosa Keene5500:11:11
47William Capley4100:11:31
48James Capley3800:11:32
49Jack Rawsell2600:11:41
50Kayobi Francis Notice4500:11:49
51Kimberley Brooks100:11:59
52Jessie O'Brian500:12:12
53Charlie Foley-Wray5100:12:24
54Leo Keene5600:12:37
55Rebecca Keene5400:12:38
56Joey Hardwicke200:12:55
57Oliver Hardwicke300:12:57
58Elise Green8300:13:04
59Tim Green8100:13:07
60Elio Conte7100:13:09
61Georgia Grey7300:13:09
62Rosie Rawsell2700:13:24
63Ruth Rawsell2500:13:24
64Megan Yorath2800:13:31
65Freya Byworth1300:13:35
66Tilly Byworth1400:13:36
67Alfie Downs1600:13:47
68Alicia Kaye1500:13:48
69Seth Foley-Wray5000:14:16
70Cat Foley-Wray4900:14:16
71Blythe Foley6800:14:50
72Iris Foley6600:14:53
73Gemma Foley6700:14:53
74Etienne Reece3400:14:58
75Claire Reece7900:14:59
76Linda Yorath2900:15:17
77Billie O'Grady6500:16:13
78Anna Pascal Grey7200:16:17
79Huxley Bartram7000:16:20
80Ned Green8200:17:07
81Nancy Southwalk8000:17:59
82Alfie Martin2000:18:47
83Stephen Lowe1900:18:48
84Kai Kozial5900:24:25

Competitive Run Results (5 miles)

1Jonathan Peters11900:29:371st Male Finisher
2Ben Simpson11700:33:23
3Oliver Grieve10400:35:36
4Dan Gillies13400:35:49
5Peter Ward12800:36:55
6Andy Page13600:37:51
7Stephen North13200:38:02
8Chris Chorley10200:38:24
9Rory Dillon10800:38:54
10Simon Steward11200:39:21
11Giles Byworth10700:39:23
12Mark Roswell11300:39:24
13Dean Jackson12700:39:32
14Alex Morton11100:39:41
15Samuel Walker12400:40:02
16Megan Neenan11800:40:121st Female Finisher
17Issy Needham10600:41:49
18Miles Needham10500:41:51
19Lauren Devine12300:41:57
20Martin Dorrell10300:42:03
21James Fogarty12000:42:25
22Susi Crane12200:42:46
23Paul Wheeler12500:42:58
24Chris Hamei12900:43:51
25Jim Staveley13100:43:57
26Mark Manley13700:44:02
27Stuart Fey12100:44:37
28Scott Barkston10900:46:22
29Bobby Sauerzapf10100:48:19
30Robert Page13500:48:49
31Barry Mercer13900:49:04
32Devon Idima11000:49:12
33Dave Keeley12600:49:37
34Jude Gillies13300:50:09
35Meredith Yorath11500:52:20
36Ceri Yorath11600:52:21
37Camilla Mercer13800:53:45
38Sally Staveley13000:53:46
39Valerie Kerrison11400:55:55