Gritstone Grind, Harling 10k & Wissey HM

Gritstone Grind 35 miles

On Sunday 3rd September I took on “Gritstone Grind”, a  35-mile race on the Gritstone Trail from Kidsgrove to Disley. The race name is very appropriate as you really have to grind your way through very long and very steep hills and often on adverse camber. Just as you think you’ve reached the top, there’s another hill around the corner waiting to be tackled! I like running on hills including uphills but didn’t find any during this race that I could manage so I hiked up those parts. The hiking itself especially over rocky terrain felt like doing creative lunges! The spectacular views of Cheshire made some of the climbs all worthwhile. The downhills helped me catch up with myself and attempt to meet all the 4 cutoffs. Lucky for me, the cutoffs were generous!

What made the race additionally tough was how hot it was on the day. Full sunshine all day was not easy to contend with. I managed my hydration quite well with water, Tailwind, coke, and some espresso and a Calippo that Tim got ready for me at a time when I was flagging mainly because of the heat. Tim was there to crew me at the points crew were allowed and knowing that I would be seeing him en route and of course at the end, was a great feeling.

Nutritionwise I could have done better. I couldn’t eat much on the uphills as I had to often ensure that I didn’t lose my balance. I was running the downhills at a fast-ish pace so eating was not preferred during these stretches either. I opted to eat on the flattish parts. Quavers, cheese biscuits and cheese blocks which I was carrying with me were the right choice.

My shoe choice for the race worked marvels. I was wearing my inov8 xtalon. It was the first time I had them in a race. They were excellent on rocky terrain and gravel and narrow paths near waterways as the grip on them were excellent making some of the more difficult downhills actually easy to run on.

I had some difficult moments during the race where I questioned what I was doing and why I was doing it especially when I saw people relaxing in their gardens and even in their private jacuzzis! But here I was on a mission to conquer the Gritstone Trail.  And conquer it I did 🏃🏻‍♀️


Harling 10k

Official Result:
Michelle – 1:02:21.4

Wissey Half Marathon

Unofficial Results (Strava):
Marie P – 2:13.0
Hayley – 2:26.0
Karrie – 2:26.0