Run Sandringham 10k, Bure Valley 10 Mile, Robin Hood Half Marathon & Norfolk Coastal Marathon/Half Marathon

Run Sandringham 10K

‘What a lovely day for Sandringham 10K, it started out a little drizzly but that soon cleared up.  This race is popular with RntS and locals alike so it was very busy at the start, getting into the car park was particularly challenging for lots and so the start had to be delayed while everyone got in and parked.

The car park challenge, loo queues (which were actually quite quick) and the 2 wave start also meant that we didn’t get the chance for a pre-race photo of everyone.

I love this race and course, the only bit that was not enjoyable last year was a short out and back section that was added just to make up the distance, this year they adjusted the start and finish points to remove this section which was great.  It’s a multi terrain course of grass, gravel path, tarmac and woodland trails which can be a bit tricky with some tree routes and uneven sections.  I almost came a cropper on an uneven section on a steepish downhill through the woods but fortunately managed to right myself – phew!

There was lots of support out on the course from fabulous marshals including Lucy H, our own personal photographer Pete and other RntS out to support – thank you all.  I enjoyed a gentle trot round and got the full benefit of faster RntS finishers supporting and cheering at the finish too.’


Official Results:
Tara – 00:46:56.9
Kevin S – 00:48:26.5
Andrew T – 00:49:12.6
Will – 00:50:02.9
Stuart G – 00:50:12.8
Malcolm – 00:52:24.3
Chris L – 00:56:55.0
Michelle – 01:03:37.2
Denise S – 01:04:22.2
Mark – 01:05:19.9
Vikki – 01:05:20.6
Debbie – 01:07:11.9
Francesca – 01:07:38.8
Lesley – 01:09:30.2
Catherine – 01:13:28.1
Christine  – 01:22:37.0
Cammille – 01:23:19.1
Angie – 01:25:29.6

Bure Valley 10 mile

Unofficial Results (Strava):
Lucy Mc – 01:35:10
Marie – 01:35:38
Kirsty L – 01:48:10

Robin Hood Half Marathon

Official Results:
John – 02:28:22

Norfolk Coastal Half Marathon (Saturday 23rd September 2023)

Official Results:

Jimmy 01:31:50
Kyle 01:37:43
Shane 01:48:14
Ceri 02:47:18

Norfolk Coastal Marathon (Saturday 23rd September 2023)

Official Results:

Lucy M 05:24:16
Kirsty L 05:44:26