Norfolk Gazelles Big Stampede & Felbrigg Trail 10k

Norfolk Gazelles Big Stampede

‘Oh my!  What a fun event and a great turn out from the club.  Having never done this event before, I was a little nervous as I didn’t want to let my team mates down.  I know we all said we were going to ‘just enjoy it’ but we all gave our utmost.  My team consisted of me running the first leg (and I must say, I was very happy with my time, my fastest 5k in in over 32 months!), Jenny, Vikki and Cat C.  Everyone did brilliantly.

With 8 teams involved, and extra club members in attendance, the support was superb as you rounded the bend by the club gazebos three times (once each lap).

The weather was hot and humid, but didn’t rain like it did last year (I wasn’t there, but have been told it was awful).  The terrain was firm, although a few patches had been resurfaced so were a little loose under foot.

Once again, the club showed it’s true colours by joining Catherine and running the last few laps to give her support.  The cheers from the marshals and remaining runners won’t be forgotten by anyone who was there.

Would I do it again?  Yes, I think I would!’


Official Results:
Team:  Speedy Rnts
Total Time: 01:24:08
Individual Times:
Shane – 21:48.3
Ant – 21:51.0
Kevin H – 19:36.8
Andrew S – 20:44.6

Team:  Better Lace Than Never
Total Time: 01:25:44
Individual Times:
Liam – 19:47.1
Tara – 21:42.1
Will – 22:25.4
Ana – 21:46.2

Team:  Runners With No Name
Total Time: 01:28:13
Individual Times:
Stuart G – 23:10.0
Stuart W – 22:06.9
Kirsty D – 20:27.9
Alex W – 22:21.8

Team:  Just for Fun
Total Time: 01:29:00
Individual Times:
Paul – 22:48.7
Lorraine – 21:41.2
Rob J – 22:44.0
David R – 21:39.2

Team:  Three Ladies & a Photographer
Total Time: 01:52:00
Individual Times:
Hayley – 29:26.6
Lucy Mc – 26:18.4
Hayley – 28:48.0
Pete – 27:11.2

Team:  The Three Amigos (and that other chap)!
Total Time: 01:54:58
Individual Times:
Mark – 28:53.5
Jenny – 31:18.1
Vikki – 28:47.7
Cat C – 25:45.0

Team:  It seemed like a good idea at the time
Total Time: 01:59:43
Individual Times:
Lucy J – 32:31.9
Francesca – 30:48.0
Zoe – 27:10.6
Nita – 28:58.7

Team:  Ladies What Pootle
Total Time: 02:24:49
Individual Times:
Tasha – 36:43.4
Gill – 38:47.0
Candy – 35:04.0
Catherine – 33:58.4


Felbrigg Hall Trails (10k)

Official Results:
Sarah B – 1:13:45.1
Ceridwen – 1:15:36.2