Weavers Way Ultras, Town & Gown 10k, Shouldham XCGP1 & Great Eastern Run HM

Weavers Way
Official Results:
Andy – 50km – 7:39:47
Lucy – 50 miles – 11:03:58 – 2nd Female

Town & Gown 10k
Official Results:
Michelle – 1:00:10.7
David S – 1:10:27.5

Shouldham XCGP1
Official Result:
Lynne – 32:29

Great Eastern Run
‘The club sent ripples out across the border to Cambridgeshire, with 5 members (Alex, Andrew, Bob, Hayley, Marie) travelling to Peterborough for the Great Eastern Run Half Marathon. It was a chilly morning, with the temperature hovering around 4C on the drive over, causing some debate about the donning of base layers or not. However, the sun was out, there was just a light breeze and it was dry – excellent running conditions. The race actually started on time, unlike the previous few years. There are some who believe that the legacy start time problem was a jinx caused by the presence of Andy P. The fact that Andy was not there this year may, or may not, support this view. We all enjoyed the run immensely and were very chuffed with our times, including multiple PBs. The run goes through mainly residential areas of Peterborough and suburbs to the North of the city and the support on the streets from local residents was amazing and very motivational. Photographs show happy, smiling, RntS but, the medal shot was of a depleted group – we had lost Alex and Andrew at this point, with some suspicion that they had so enjoyed it that they were running the course again. Essentially, a cracking outing !

For anyone in the club who has not run a half marathon, but is considering doing so, I would thoroughly recommend this race as a starting point – it was my first half last year. The course is predominantly flat, with just a handful of minor, gentle, inclines, making pacing yourself straightforward. The support around the course is incredible and really helps you keep going if struggling. The route goes through some lovely parts of the city, including, this year, the Cathedral grounds. The logistics work smoothly, including parking close to the start/finish – and, if Andy P is not there, the race starts on time.’


Official Results:
Bob H – 1:47:10.1
Andrew T – 1:47:46.0
Alex W – 1:48:09.9
Marie P – 2:00:22.8
Hayley – 2:05:47.6