Mad Hare 15 & London Winter Run 10k

Mad Hare 15 mile

Hayley, Kerrie & Lucy took part in the Mad Hare 15 mile run at the weekend hosted by Ryston Runners.

The start times for the run were staggered based on your running time.  This was a great way to have runners finishing at around the same time.

We started at 9, with others starting at 9:30 and 10.

It was a beautiful morning and discussions were had about what we should wear, we all decided for shorts and tshirt and were pleased we did, the sun was lovely and warm on route.

The run started at Beachamwell, a lovely little village which sadly had a fire in the thatched roof of the 11th century church last year.

The run started off with a 9 mile loop which took us towards Gooderstone, then through Cockley Cley and back to the village hall at Bechamwell for a quick snack and drink.

We continued on for the second loop and went along what felt like the longest and straightest road ever!  Hayley had already experienced this road when she ran the Wissey half, she had some demons to settle and felt glad when this stretch of road was finished.

This was followed by a shorter loop back to the village hall and the finish.

It was such a beautiful run around lovely countryside.  The event was very low key and organised by Ryston Runners to coincide with those doing marathon training, perfect for Lucy and Hayley.  The reward at the end was some delicious cake - perfect after a 15 mile run.

The marshals were very enthusiastic and friendly.  Such a lovely run to be a part of.

Official Times:-

Hayley Eyre - 02:37:50

Kerrie Coslett - 02:37:54

Lucy Mccallum - 02:37:55

London Winter Run - 10km

Well done to Angie, Shirley & Teresa who took part in the London Winter Run on Sunday.

Official Results:-

Angie Barker - 01:29:15

Shirley Browell - 01:29:15

Teresa Abel - 01:29:15