Holkham parkrun Takeover – 9 June(pt1)

Thank you to everyone who’ve put your names down to volunteer at Holkham parkrun.

We’re aiming to take over on the 9th June.

Here’s a list of volunteers and proposed roles.  Please get in touch if you’re not happy with the selection (I appreciate that people prefer certain parkrun tasks) and we’ll see if we can juggle things about.  Hopefully everything will look OK to you all.

Please could people send me their barcode numbers so I can get them added to the roster.

Chris – Timekeeper
Teresa – Timekeeper
Claire – Barcode Scanning
Kerrie – Barcode Scanning
Ambie – Finish Tokens
Tasha – Finish Token Support
Angie – Marshal 4 with Jelly Baby helper (Sophie)
Lucy Mc – Marshal 3
Vikki – Marshal 2
Gail – Marshal 1
Lynne – Tail Walker

Ant – Pacer 21 mins
Mat – Pacer 24 mins
Paul – Pacer 27 mins
Cat – Pacer 30 mins
Hayley W – Pacer 33 mins
Paula – Pacer 36 mins
Ceri – Pacer 39 mins
Adam S – Pacer 42 mins
Dene –  Pacer 45 mins

Glyn – TBC

If we can get more pacers, it would be great, otherwise we can look at increasing the gaps to give a wider spread of times.