Run-next-the-Sea 2018

A brilliant evening of running was had by all at the Run-next-the-Sea Carnival  Run.  The Fun Run was 1.3 miles and the Competitive Run 5 miles.

49 Fun Runners took part and 42 Competitive Runners.

After a very hot day, luckily the weather cooled down with a slight breeze for the events which took place from 6:00pm.

Congratulations to Stanley Taylor (8:22) and Abi McCallum (9:29), winners of the male and female Fun Run trophies.

And also to James O’Neill (30:16) and Nicky Dawson (44:39) winners of the male and female Competitive Run trophies.

Full results are below.

Thank you to everyone who volunteered their time to make this event successful.  Same time next year?

Fun Run Results

1Stanley Taylor108.22Winner of male trophy
2James Allison78.24
3Dan Gilles389.04
4Abi MacCallum39.29Winner of female trophy
4Callum Bradlet4510.00
5Amelle Stewart3510.08
6Louis Stewart3410.15
7Tom Allison610.16
8Albert Taylor810.18
9Andrew Taylor910.27
10Sam Doughty3210.59
12Jude Gilles3711.05
13George Needham2311.13
14Sam Gent2011.19
15Connor Bradley4311.20
16Wayne Bradley4411.21
17Tom Gent1911.27
18Gareth Carter4212.45
19Isabelle Needham2412.59
20Sienna Patch2913.00
21Leanne needham2513.02
22Myles Dewer1513.34
23Cameron Dewer1613.34
24Robert Page3913.44
25Sarah Page4013.5
26Derek Ward2613.59
27Lucy Holt4114.07
28Kitty Hopkinson3114.11
29Mike Hopkinson3014.11
30Eden Bland114.27
31Kate Bland214.31
32Chiara Patch2814.39
33Verity Patch2714.40
34Amelia Woodings4714.49
35Mary Gilles3614.55
36Nathan Rowen414.56
37Ella Hamey1215.03
38Anna Bunny3315.53
39Amie Hamey1316.08
40Lucy Hamey1116.35
41Isla Woodings4816.48
42Benedict Woodings4916.49
43Tracy Linger1818.23
44Kristy Pinto518.25
45Penny Gent2120.04
46Liz Wright2220.04
47Florence Dewer1420.46
48Alistair Kerr1720.46

Competitive Run Results

1James O'Neill22130.16Winner of male trophy
2Alex Curtis24836.07
3Dan Stewart25236.48
4Mike Quaye24537.11
5Liam Dawson24137.22
6Karl Bolderson23837.53
7Andrew Page25738.07
8Seb Taylor25039.11
9Ben Gent24239.13
10Kurtis Angell23539.32
11Keith Rix22939.53
12Harry Carter24741.32
13Declan Blaney25641.51
14Coner Jerram25142.10
15Alex Buckley26142.39
16Philip Bamford23142.49
17Neil May22642.52
18Cameron Raven22243.00
19Mark Doughty24643.28
20Will Honetbone23643.29
21Ben Hogan23744.01
22Matthew Harne23444.16
23Nicky Dawson22544.39Winner of female trophy
24Emma Richmond22745.07
25Alex Kampolis25845.55
26Emma Smith25945.58
27Julia Norman24046.21
28Scott Deakin23946.31
29David Raamsbottom26047.01
30Daniel Bland22447.22
31Celia Orford23349.53
32Tim Woodrew23249.54
33Ben Kemp25350.52
34Daniel Evans25450.52
35Sarah Allison23052.28
36David Richmond22852.34
37Libby Woodhouse22352.41
38Clive Matthew25553.08
39Francesca Vane24356.15
40Lewis Clarke24958.26
41Erik Vane2441.01.56