17 November 2018 – Holkham parkrun Takeover v2.0

Thank you to everyone that’s volunteered for the takeover.

We’ve had a fantastic amount of names put forward and I’ve tried to fit every one in to places I hope they’ll be happy with (quite a few of you are the same as last time). If not, please let me know and we can see if we can shift things around.

We’ve so many people this time, we can pace at 2 min intervals and with added 30 min target.

The confirmed list is:

Mark – Run Director
Lucy H – Timekeeper
Teresa – Timekeeper
Emma – Barcode Scanning
Kerrie – Barcode Scanning
Cat – Finish Tokens
Lisa – Finish Token Support

Allison – Marshal
Amanda Ma – Marshal
Alison N – Marshal
Kel – Marshal
Lucy F – Marshal

Lynne – Tail Walker

Tasha – Jelly Babies (with helper Sophie)

Ant – Pacer 21 mins
Kevin – Pacer 23 mins
Paul – Pacer 25 mins
Paula – Pacer 27 mins
Dene – Pacer 29 mins
Evette – Pacer 30 mins
Lucy Mc – Pacer 31 mins
Hayley W – Pacer 33 mins
Chris L – Pacer 35 mins
Ambie – Pacer 37 mins
Marie – Pacer 39 mins
Robert Mc – Pacer 41 mins

Thanks again,


UPDATE: Thanks all.  A very good day.  Here’s on to the next!