RntS 5K Track Challenge at Lynnsport

What a fantastic evening and turnout for the 5K track challenge (maybe the first of many?). Over 40 club members attended with 38 running.

Conditions were spot-on, very little wind, not too hot (although it did warm up when the sun came through) and dry. Two groups of runners set off at different times for what, to many of us, seemed a quite intimidating event!

In the end, I found that the time just vanished and it was over before you knew it.

Amazingly, in an open space, GPS seemed a little bit erratic with some GPS trackings finishing at before 5K, with others way past it. But, thanks to working a buddy system where another runner counted your laps, we all know that we did 5K (AKA 12.5 laps!).

Very enjoyable in the end and a good show from everyone with a number of fastest 5Ks in the bag!

NameRecorded Time
Ant Cude19.19
Abbi McCallum20.29
Rob Jackman20.46
Jack Woodhouse21.16
Paul Woodhouse21.51
Cam Raven22.13
Hayley Murfit22.14
Amanda Marshall22.43
Reece Dumphreys22.48
Paula Smith23.05
Lorraine Hunt23.21
Amberly Wright23.36
Cat Cameron23.57
Stu Cameron25.05
Chris Lubbock25.35
Mark Riseborough25.43
Roland Bewick26.17
Chris Palmer26.38
Hayley Wright26.44
Susie Towning26.55
Hayley Jones27.35
David Grant27.49
Keith Beswick28.12
Natalie Sayer28.37
Nita Jackman28.50
Sophie Defew28.56
Jodie Harvey28.59
Ceri Howell29.00
Jane Heasman30.19
Kerrie Coslett30.28
Emma Stickley30.48
Shirley Browell32.39
Nikki Crossman34.37
Teresa Abel34.52
Denise Leeder34.57
Gill Bewick36.53