OSB Holkham 10k

The biggest herd of RntS at an event so far (and more club members than any other club at the event!)! A special shout out to Ambie and Evette who both won their class. But, I’ll let the RntS do the rest of the talking…..

Paula –
“I took one for the team by turning up to cheer you on when it was RAINING!!! Well done everyone, you all did really well and it was great watching all the RntS t-shirts coming down the hill to the finish line ? “

Shirley –
” Nerves were kicking in this morning as the only 10k races I have done so far have been flat tarmac. With Teresa Abel and Claire Nash for company and a steady pace it was really enjoyable. I don’t know about the rest of you but I thought it was perfect weather for running “
” Have to say that it was a great turnout from Runners Next The Sea. Brilliant to see so many taking part “

Chris P –
” Perfect running conditions for us but not quite what our visitors from Singapore are used to! “

Emma –
” My 2nd 10k race since returning to running last year and it was such fun! We’re so lucky to run round Holkham on our training runs, but to have a race here was something extra special. I was worried about the course being lumpy, but I think I prefer it to completely flat – it makes it a lot more interesting. Great support by team RntS, both runners and non runners – fab morning out! “

Teresa –
” Was the most enjoyable 10km that I have done so far. The support from all the RntS and their families was amazing and the weather was a bit of a bonus too. “

Sophie –
” Smiled the whole way round, nothing like running on your home turf whilst being cheered on by an awesome running family! #RntS ? “

Rob D –
” My first ever one. And I cannot say anything that these great bunch of guys have not said already “

Laura –
” First Holkham 10k and third 10k this year. After being initially nervous I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed it. Got a PB too ?. So lovely to have such great support from fellow RNTS and their families. What a lucky bunch we are ?‍♂️?‍♀️ xx “

Hayley W –
” Great turn out of rnts, running and supporting ? I think I am hanging up my 10k trainers and passing the baton to Amberly though. Proud mum again, Amberly winning 1st in age category (15-19) with an amazing time! “

Lisa –
” First 10k! Something I never ever would have been able to achieve without the support of the RuNTS. From C25k to here, amazing who would have thought! Had such a fab run, initially very nervous but enjoyed being out there in the park with the support of my fellow runners ❤️ x “

Chris L –
” My first Holkham 10k and loved it, perhaps a bit of a tight track for the first 2k but all round a great race on our home turf. Then of course there are the Rnts ? what a brilliant bunch of people, they just never stop giving ❤️ “

Adam –
” Managed to get round thanks to my good friends Co Codomol and Ibuprofen.
Not too much discomfort which was a bonus.
Fantastic atmosphere around Holkham park and superb support from all the Rnts.
????????? “

Team Woodhouse –
Amelia: “it was fun”

Sophie: “I had a good time and lots of people tapped our powerful board and took the jelly babies”

Kirsty –
” Absolutely loved being part of the RuntS family today, the best feeling ever! Thanks to everyone for their cheers, support and sweets! ?? “

Vikki –
” So lovely to have so many of us together for such a great event. The weather was so much better for running this year and I really enjoyed the race. Apart from the uphill on the South Drive, which seemed to go on forever! Thanks everyone for being such a great team. ? “

Ceri –
” Now that’s what they call a club run – brilliant experience well done everyone – go Rnts ?? “

Official Times:
Kevin – 46:07
Cam – 48:36
Ambie – 50:51 – 1st in class
Jack – 52:20
Bunny – 53:19
Evette – 53:50 – 1st in class
Cat – 53:50
Mark – 54:49
Chris L – 55:23
Hayley W – 55:40
Vikki – 57:03
David – 58:10
Keith – 58:21
Alison – 59:20
Kirsty – 1:00:25
Ceri – 1:02:02
Sophie – 1:03:47
Emma – 1:04:27
Laura – 1:05:44
Marie – 1:07:21
Robert McP – 1:07:20
Lisa – 1:07:54
Charlotte – 1:10:08
Lynne – 1:13:27
Robert D – 1:14:08
Shirley – 1:18:26
Teresa – 1:18:27
Claire – 1:18:29