Couch to 5K Class of 2019

Isn’t it wonderful what eight weeks of effort can achieve.

Just over eight weeks ago we welcomed a group of beginners into the supportive arms of Runners-next-the-Sea as they started on the annual Couch to 5Km course. 

Nervous tension was in the air as our beginners, not knowing what to expect and fearing the challenges ahead of them began their journey.  The support from the RntS membership, as always, quickly dispelled any apprehension and provided a firm foundation from which the beginners began to build.

Week by week our C25K beginners grew in ability and confidence, week by week the homework was completed through sunshine, rain and wind and week by week I was proud of our beginners and proud of the wonderful support that was given by RntS.

So today, Saturday 13th July, RntS held the second C25K ParkRun graduation. Nine of our beginners achieved this significant milestone and are welcomed open armed into the RntS Membership Family.