Run-next-the-Sea 2019

A brilliant evening for this year’s Run-next-the-Sea Carnival running events raising funds for both West Norfolk Mind and the club.

Once again, we were blessed with great conditions for both runs. This year we had our biggest turnout of runners with 109 competitors (67 for the fun run and 42 for the competitive run).

Shouts go out to:
Thomas O’Reilly – Male Fun Run trophy winner in 7:42
Isabelle Needham – Female Fun Run trophy winner in 11:33
James O’Neill – Male Competitive Run trophy winner in 30:03
Rebecca Main – Female Competitive Run trophy winner in 39:50

Thank you to the 40+ volunteers who helped the events take place, It couldn’t happen without you.

Official Carnival photos here. More pictures of the competitors are available on the FaceBook page.

Fun Run Results

PositionNameNo.TimePrize winners
1Thomas O'Reilly117.421st male
2James Allison167.502nd male
3Luke Boyd-Stevenson668.463rd male
4Mark Cooper539.08
5Ethan Kent239.14
6Dan Gillies579.15
7Jack Keeble159.33
8Jack Smith379.41
9Joseph Sheppard499.52
10Joss Asken519.53
11Josh Barnes509.57
12Callum Bradley3410.00
13Connor Bradley3510.23
14Wayne Bradley3310.23
15Harry Wrigley6310.28
16James Cantrill1211.20
17Isabelle Needham4811.331st female
18Jude Gillies5811.382nd female
19Levi Beard611.44
20Rebecca Beard511.54
21Harley Grey2611.55
22Siena Patch4711.583rd female
23Ines Olmos Alonso6212.00
24Thomas Allison1712.53
25Freja Goodman2912.54
26Harry Biswell6713.13
27James Biswell6813.13
28lauren Bavin1413.39
29Amber Wilson4014.00
30Stephen Lowe4114.01
31Sam Cooper5214.11
32Trevor Prince1314.15
33Kieran Duncan4514.23
34Ellie Duncan4414.25
35Bella O' Brien1814.34
36Robert Page5914.35
37Laura Wrigley6514.38
38Helen Wrigley6414.39
39Ewan Clarke2514.40
40Noah Doyle2414.41
41Darli Betts4214.41
42Andrew Betts4314.47
43Joseph Lally315.07
44Beatrice Honeybone3915.10
45Will Honeybone3815.11
46Jess Moss3215.12
47Kate Cooper5415.20
48David Cooper5515.20
49Gemma Pickering1915.38
50Jodie Smith3615.38
51Lucie Goodman2815.42
52Steve Goodman2715.42
53Harriet Spooner215.55
54Madeleine Dilks3115.56
55Jenny Harrison3015.57
56Sebastian Moreau2016.12
57Alex Moreau2116.12
58Gabriel Kent2216.17
59Mary Gillies5617.40
60Alison Bigglestone1018.21
61Evie Widdows918.21
62Ross Tingey719.14
63Karen Tingey819.18
64Amy Lall419.51
65Pauline Spooner120.08
66Sarah Page6020.55
67Richard Page6120.55

Competitive Run Results

PositionNameNoTimePrize winners
1James O'Neill23630.031st Male
2Paul Birch20932.34
3Ryan Orton21634.01
4Ben Crane23037.16
5Stephen Rolfe20137.22
6Andrew Page24238.46
7Jim Hams23739.03
8Stephen Arkins22539.10
9Chris Chorley20539.17
10Jonathan Pitts21039.25
11Rebecca Main23539.501st Female
12Christopher Hanman20840.32
13Phoebe Crane23140.35
14Stephen North21940.41
15Martyn Benstead21541.22
16Peter Ward22141.40
17Peter Thompson20342.14
18Dominic Hams23943.12
19Will Morris22443.25
20Leslie Hill20043.30
21Lorraine Brackley22346.58
22Alex Buckley22047.14
23John Saville22247.14
24Bobbie Sauerzapf20447.42
25Brynmor Jenkins24048.56
26Richard Chamberlain21749.29
27Catherine Kika21849.29
28Robert England23450.22
29Claire Harrington21251.21
30Steve Walker23351.23
31Sarah Allison21151.54
32Michelle Knott22652.51
33Liz Johnson24154.21
34Sally Williamson22856.24
35Belinda Dennison22756.24
36Paula Walker23257.06
37Roger Crane22957.14
38Derek Hussey20759.21
39Helen Hams23859.26
40Tally Doyle21362.35
41Andy Doyle21462.35
42Rebecca Wicks20663.22
DNSJustin Eluidge202