RntS Friday 5

Racing or time trialling is a good way of assessing your running fitness.

Racing regularly will improve your capabilities dramatically, polishing your performance and helping you to achieve your best.

We are proposing that RntS holds a series of 5 virtual events over June and July.

Individual members will identify their own route and run that route at race pace on each Friday. Route distance can be 5 miles or 5km but once distance is chosen each individual should stick to that.

Members running each event will be included into an accumulator so that your progress and improvement can be monitored.

Run 4 out of the 5 events to be included into the RntS Friday 5 Virtual Championship.

Event days:
Friday 5th June
Friday 12th June
Friday 19th June
Friday 3rd July
Friday 10th July.

After each event members should post their run statistics on Strava and/or Facebook to be added to the overall results list which will be published.

At all times please maintain social distancing rules and correct health and safety procedures.

Have fun and stay safe.