Virtual Run-next-the-Sea 2020

A slightly different setup this year for the annual Run-next-the-Sea which takes place during Wells-next-the-Sea Carnival week. With everything being upended due to Covid-19, this year the run was held virtually.

There were 3 classes for the Junior Fun Run:
Under 5 – Run for 10 mins
6-10 – Run for 15 mins
11-16 – Run for 20 mins

The senior runners had to complete 5 miles and submit their times after completion.

This year’s charity was Homes for Wells, a very worthwhile cause (take a look here:

As there was no official route or race, it’s not fair to have a podium (some people ran flat routes, some ran 10 times up and down a hill, some ran in circles in their garden and some ran on the beach to name but a few route choices) but all of the competitors and times are listed below.

Well done everyone.  Hopefully we’ll see you all in person next year!

Fun Run Results

Amelia Woodhouse5 and underCompleted - 0.5 miles
Young Dand5 and underCompleted - 0.31 miles
Charlie Linger5 and underCompleted
Rabone5 and underCompleted
Sophie Woodhouse6-10Completed - 1 mile
Bella Barker6-10Completed - 1.3 miles
Jessica Barker6-10Completed - 1.34 miles
Aiden Linger6-10Completed

Competitive Run Results

Stephen Woodford29.29
Niall McCallum33.30
Abbi McCallum34.27
Tom Rivett36.16
Anthony Cude36.36
Kevin Heyhoe36.49
Shane Hunt36.54
Kevin Short37.55
Rob Jackman38.06
Lucy Barnes38.19
Glyn Ingram39.09
Jon Sutton39.16
Lorraine Hunt40.17
Hayley Murfit40.23
Justin Elvidge40.31
Fiona Robinson41.15
Jodie McCallum42.53
Bob Humphries42.55
Paula Smith43.01
Amberly Wright43.14
Sean Lynn43.18
Julie Fisher44.52
Evette Price45.05
Paul Woodhouse45.23
Bunny Cook46.08
Libby Woodhouse46.19
Tara Betts47.33
Nita Jackman48.34
Roland Bewick48.38
Cat Cameron49.19
Bob Lyddon49.58
Bob Lyddon49.58
Hayley Jones52.50
Jodie Harvey54.15
Mark Riseborough54.26
Kerrie Coslett54.37
Alison Norton55.12
Hayley Wright57.09
Kirsty Lack57.42
Joanne Summers58.09
Nur Hooton59.52
Chloe Fisher60.50
Tasha Woodhouse61.00
David Sharp62.00
Sophie Broomfield62.43
Sophie Defew63.00
Alison Hodgson64.54
Shirley Browell64.59
Lynne Dowdy68.00
Denise Leeder71.44
Susy Dand72.35
Gill Bewick73.00
Angie Barker74.00
Teresa Harris74.00
Nikki Crossman74.45
Tracy Linger80.47
Lucy Harrison82.10
Teresa Abel87.12