Valentine’s 10k

What was the Valentine’s 10k at Easton like yesterday?  Let’s find out with a run report from Paul:

Love was not really in the air weather wise leading up to this event.

As the alarm went off the wind and rain were rattling on the windows. This was a good start as more effort was needed to get motivated.

However once on our way Libby was greeted with a txt from Angie to say they were right behind us, this led to comments on the weather and being more suited to Ducks.

Once parked up we made our way to registration, this was a good 10min walk but fortunately the rain had abated and wind eased.

Registration was straight forward with ample room in the large hall and no queuing. This is where the race briefing also took place.

Here we met up with more of the RntS members and prepared ourselves for the short walk to the start.

Out at the start we mingled with the rest of the competitors self seeding as Kevin would say.

The start climbs out of Easton College turning left and heading to Easton. The 1st K is a challenging climb, this was followed by around 4K still rising through Easton and then heading towards Colton.

This was made more difficult today with the strong breeze which was mostly head on.

After this the course winds it’s way along country lanes to Marlingford with welcoming downhill recoveries and the breeze now mostly at our back.

Once in Marlingford a left is taken to take you back to the College and finish.

This provides a sting in the tail as the last 1k us mostly uphill with quite a steep finish.

The event was very well organised throughout as usual by Norfolk Gazelles.

The army of marshals were both very supportive and prominent along the whole of the course.

As usual great support for each other amongst the RntS and some gutsy runs.

I think we could say that we all put our hearts into this Valentines race.

We were now ready for the start and what’s more it was still dry.

Official Results:
Cam – 00:44:21.0
Ant – 00:44:34.2
Tara – 00:45:29.3
Paul – 00:47:47.5
Sarah-Jane – 00:54:00.2
Laura W – 00:56:58.2
Libby – 00:58:14.0
Kevin B – 01:07:34.6
Angie – 01:18:37.4