Edinburgh Marathon

Alex Wray took part in the Edinburgh Marathon on Sunday - very well done.

After an 11.5hr drive to our holiday park on Friday followed by another hours drive to Edinburgh the next day and a manic meal out in the city with the kids I was looking forward to having a few hours to myself, albeit running a marathon!! My first marathon debut,  and potentially my last  I woke up with both nerves and excitement. The race started in Holyrood Park and we made our way out of the city down the coast ultimately ending in Musselburgh. The course had a bit of everything which was nice, city, coast and even running through an outdoor cafĂ©, no time for a croissant sadly! It was a lovely day, clear skies and sunshine which made it a rather warm run but great for views. Annoyingly, but predictably, my IT band kicked in at mile 6 and kept me company for the remaining 20miles, the idea of clocking 4hrs I knew was not going to be achieved by around 10miles but I was looking forward to seeing Cat and the boys at 16 and 20 where we did an out and back. They didn't fail in their support, as like others have said before, I could hear them long before I could see them! This time there was no saucepan banging  partly as Cat didn't want to be issued with a fine for scratching the pans however they clearly had a creative morning as the boys had pasta bottle shakers and the metal thermos flask was getting some abuse from the spoon making a delightful noise! The support was great and I stopped for a quick chat and photo before heading off for the long , gruelling remaining 6 miles, crossing the line in 4hr 44. 47 I enjoyed the experience and am now looking forward to some shorter distances! Thanks for having me Edinburgh! 

Official Time:


NNBR Holt 10Km

A group of 21 RntS members took part in the Holt 10km on Sunday - very well done to everyone.

The course is undulating, the roads are not closed which was tricky at times and with the weather a bit drizzly to start made it an interesting race.

It is such a pretty route though with lots of marshals along the course and with the RntS support teams spread around the course strongly supporting along the way made the race a very enjoyable one.

Official Results:

Andrew Sutton - 41:02

Ant Cude - 42:52

Cam Raven - 43:48

Liam Dawson - 44:41

May Eyre - 44:56

Steve Twyford - 46:32

Stuart Williams - 48:35

Paul Woodhouse - 48:43

Bob Lyddon - 53:36

Julie Fisher - 54:26

Rachel Dawson - 55:11

Lucy Mccallum - 58:07

Libby Woodhouse - 58:25

Kerrie Coslett - 59:24

Hayley Jones - 1:00:56

Jenny Watson - 1:03:34

Hayley Wright - 1:03:56

Ceri Howell - 1:07:19

Kevin Barker - 1:07:29

Chloe Fisher - 1:14:41

Angie Barker - 1:18:06