A busy weekend of events for the club ranging in distance from 5km to 50km

EPIC Aylsham 5k

Well done to the group of RntS who took part in the Aylsham 5k on Friday evening

Official Results:

David Coslett - 19:20

Ant Cude - 19:42

Kevin Heyhoe - 20:11

Shane Hunt - 20:25

Liam Dawson - 20:32

Kyle Hastings - 21:08 - pb

Alice Humphries - 22:54 - pb

Sarah-Jane Smith - 23:09 - pb

Bob Humphries - 23:59

Laura Watson - 26:30 - pb

Andrew Sutton - 26:38

Debbie Moore - 32:19

Angles Way 50k

Kirsty, Lucy and Kerrie took part in the Angles Way 50k Ultra Race on Saturday. Kirsty has written the race report for this event
I signed up for the Angles Way 50k ultra way back last year after holidaying in the local area and enjoying running parts of it but was very wary of getting lost or falling in the water - there's lots of it there! It is such a beautiful area and with a 14 hour cut-off time it seemed an ideal opportunity to take in the views and be a little safer.
Initially I was going to run it by myself and it was reassuring that Kerrie and Lucy were going to be there too. On the day though when we were issued a load of instructions, nerves got a little bit the better of me and I accepted Kerrie's offer to run with them.
The bus collected us from the finish point and took us out to the start line. Using the running strategy Kerrie and Lucy had devised we headed off. There was a diverse group of people in the group, some who had run this before and the 100k, walkers with poles and other solo runners.
There were lots of stiles and gates all along the route which sometimes stopped the rhythm of running and sometimes (more to the end) was welcome for a quick break! After heading across some fields, we were on back tracks then roads and we then picked up the river which was hard packed and undulating, we really had to watch our footing and also run in single file. We made the first check point in good time and was closely followed by a pair of ladies who seemed to have a similar running strategy to us as we had passed each other a few times. A good selection of drinks and snacks welcomed us and we had a quick stop before heading off again. We carried on with the same strategy towards our second and subsequent check points. The map and directions issued to us although useful were also a bit confusing at times but three heads are better than one and we worked it out.
We had a wait in Oulton Broad when the bridge had been lifted on our route for a boat to pass through. I particularly enjoyed the part where we ran on the sections I had previously run on holiday and knowing that part of the area made me feel that I had bought something to the table as it were.
On the last leg of the run we were treated to a gusty head wind which made it feel extremely tough especially as fatigue was beginning to set it and all we were talking about was food and showers! The first two 100k runners overtook us as we were nearing the finish, we pulled over to let them pass and clapped them through. So in awe of their running!
Seeing the rugby club where we were finishing was a welcome sight, but the lap around the field before crossing the finishing line was not!
I thoroughly enjoyed the whole day, Lucy and Kerrie's experiences of longer distances made it special for me, their great running relationship made me feel comfortable and I know for a fact I would have struggled to do it by myself and with nowhere near as much fun.
Beautiful route, fab company and a great day out.
We all completed the run in under 8 hours.

Marham Flyers Platinum Jubilee 10k

Well done to Malcom Senior for taking part in the Marham 10km race today. Official Result: 47:08 - 1st in age group