Kevin – The Head Coach

  1. How long have you been running for? 

Most of my life.  I started running in my teens as supplemental exercise to my martial arts training.  This continued into my mid-twenties but reduced somewhat due to family and work commitments.  Started regularly running again in mid-thirties but it wasn’t until my forties that I started running with Framlingham Flyers and racing.

  1. What made you become a coach?

Well, the honest answer was to avoid having to go onto the Committee at Framlingham Flyers.  I thought if I was a coach that would be doing my bit for the club.  I was wrong, ended up on Committee as well!  However, very glad I did invest my time and energy into Coaching, it is a rewarding occupation helping people achieve the most out of their running.

  1. Your favourite place to run

You cannot beat Holkham Beach and Holkham Park is a great alternative.

  1. Your favourite race 

Without doubt the London Marathon.

  1. Your favourite parkrun

Holkham, it is my closest, full of friends running and volunteering, one lap, challenging course beautiful scenery.

  1. What is your preferred distance (if you have one)?

At one time it would have been the marathon distance.  Unfortunately, I cannot maintain my marathon pace for 5km now.  I would only enter races up to 10km now.

  1. Best one piece of advice you can give other runners. 

Run for Fun and make sure you treat recovery with respect.  It is far too easy to be running well continuously and then completely burn out or become injured.

Every so often I will be introducing a Coach, a Committee member or a Club member.

I will be contacting some of you over the next few weeks asking just a few questions, so club members can get to know a little bit about each other.  If you do not feel comfortable doing this, it is fine, there is no pressure.