2 Mile Handicap – Run 3

The third 2 mile handicap of the year took place last night.

32 runners took part with great results recorded.  Well done everyone

Thank you to the volunteers,  also the cake and chat at the end always makes the evening more enjoyable.


NameRun2 080822
James Goddard12:00
David Coslett12:41
Kevin Heyhoe12:52
Liam Dawson13:02
Ant Cude13:02
Shane hunt13:24
Cam Raven13:29
Steve Twyford13:51
Rob Jackman13:59
Lorraine Hunt14:13
Kirsty Daniels14:34
Paul Woodhouse14:34
Andy Payne14:50
Alex Wray15:11
Bob Humphries15:26
Steve Ellsey15:32
Gemma Pickering15:33
Jade Hope16:27
Pete Alder16:35
William Ayley-Dodd16:38
Bob Lyddon17:22
Chris Lubbock17:24
Laura Watson17:27
Seb Moore17:59
Nita Jackman18:07
Jenny Watson18:10
Kerrie Coslett19:07
Marie Pacey19:18
Sophie Eleanor19:26
Catherine Thorpe22:49
Christine White23:29
Grania O'Neill26:31