The final 2 mile handicap of the year

Well done to everyone who took part in the final 2 mile handicap of the year.  A great turnout on a very warm evening.

Thank you to the volunteers for their help and support.

Results as follows:-


NameRun2 050922
Andy Sutton12:31
Kyle Hastings13:02
Shane Hunt13:12
Rob Jackman13:48
Kirsty Daniels13:52
Steve Twyford13:56
Lorraine Hunt14:08
Cam Raven14:20
Kevin Heyhoe14:36
Gordana Hills14:40
Paula Smith15:04
Steve Ellsey15:05
Andy Payne15:10
Gemma Pickering15:49
Jade Hope16:28
Pete Alder16:32
William Ayley-Dodd16:50
Seb Moore17:23
Laura Watson17:28
Chris Lubbock18:12
Lucy McCallum18:15
Nita Jackman18:17
Rachel Dawson18:31
Sophie Eleanor18:50
Kerrie Coslett18:57
Angie Harcourt19:39
Chloe Fisher21:36
Christine White23:16
Catherine Thorpe24:07
Sarah Saunders24:53