Blickling & Peterborough Half Marathons

Well done to the runners who ran Blickling and Peterborough Half Marathons on Sunday.

For some runners it was their first official half marathon race.

Blickling Half Marathon

It was a beautiful sunny Sunday morning with a race start of 9am, which I feel is a great time to start a race.  It was such a pretty route, running through the villages around Aylsham.  It was a very undulating course with the last mile uphill to the finish, not a welcome sight!  I would absolutely recommend this event, the marshals were fantastic and in all the right places and the support from locals was very welcome along the route.

Official Results:-

Kevin Heyhoe - 1:42:02

Gordana Hills - 1:43:22

Paula Smith - 1:50:38

Steve Twyford - 1:54:26

Kel Norton - 1:55:16

Gemma Pickering - 1:56:24 - pb

Lucy Mccallum - 2:02:57

Kerrie Coslett - 2:18:09

Hayley Eyre - 2:35:59

Great Eastern Run - Peterborough

Well done to  the 5 runners who ran The Great Eastern Run on Sunday.  

Official Results:-

Kyle Hastings - 1:35:07

Sarah-Jane Smith - 1:48:09

Andy Payne - 1:50:59

Bob Humphries - 1:52:18

Laura Watson - 2:08:23