Holkham 10k 2023

Holkham 10k 2023.

Well.  What can I say.  Probably the same as a lot of people on Saturday, ‘never again’!  But, hey, today is a different day, so I guess most of us are saying that we probably will do it again!

The event was very well organised with a great event village.  The RntS competitors rendezvousing at the club flag.  The organisers had a very jovial master of ceremonies who did seem in awe of how lucky we are to train in and around Holkham.  And she liked my shorts (cow pants as she said)!

Club attendance was very good, with 21 runners completing the event, and no less than 10 more supporting and volunteering (I think I’ve got that right, if not do tell me so I can get you added to the club champs leaderboard).  Unfortunately for Michelle, injury stopped her part way into the event, but she stayed to cheer on her friends.

So, to the actual race…. Officially the hardest and slowest 10k I’ve ever done!

The start was very well organised, and we set off bang on 10 o’clock.  A nice run along the front of the hall, round to the previous parkrun route (I can’t say original, as it isn’t) over the cattle grid and left on to the gravel track.  I’d forgotten how it felt running up this.  Loose under foot, congested and hot, it was sapping.  A slight reprieve as we reached the top where there was some shade, the downside of this meaning there was no breeze.

Left at the top, a slight downhill and then left again on to the South Avenue.  By this point there were already a lot of people walking.  Making the most of the downhill we jogged down towards the crossroads at the bottom.  It was great to see that the water station had been relocated there from the Great Barn, meaning we would see it 4km and 8km, rather than just once at 5km.  A quick drink, and cheers supplied by fellow RntS Hayley and Jenny, and then up to the Great Barn, now on the current parkrun route.  Right at the top, then down the concrete track towards the RntS Feed Station 2 location for Sunday.

By now it was a case of ‘run to that point’ then walk, ad infinitum!   At this point we caught up with David, who, despite being 20mtrs ahead of us, with a head wind, could hear Vikki chatting away!  We caught up at the left turn back onto the South Avenue and had a quick chat.  All confirming (along with another runner) that we’d never seen so many people walk at an event!

Towards the South Gate and then right into Longlands, then right again back on to the gravel track, loudly supported and cheered on by Kevin.

Downhill all the way to the right-hand turn, then the drink station was in sight again.  Evette dowsing me with a cup of water down my back, another drink and left to the Obelisk.  The last uphill section.

All downhill now and past the icehouse, to the final corner.  The finish line was in site, the orange carpet of legends!  Cheered on by the other RntS and family, we made our way onto the carpet, and across the line.

A great medal and a can of cold Erdinger.  Both very well received.

We watched the rest of the RntS come in, got a photo of possibly the sweatiest RntS gang ever assembled and then headed our own ways.

For Michelle, Vikki and myself, it was down to the beach for a much needed cool off in the sea.  Then back into the park to watch my Nephew do the Junior Outlaw, whilst stuffing my face with the biggest portion of cheesy chips I’ve seen.

Things I learnt from Saturday….

  • If you check the weather forecast and seriously consider taking your hydration vest, do it (thank you for sharing Vikki).
  • No matter what I say after a run, I’ll probably do it again.
  • OSB put on superb events.
  • RntS is a fantastic club.

Home for a rest, before an early start to spend Sunday with the RntS family again at the Outlaw half marathon Feed Station two.  Cheering on club members Chloe and Hayley as they became Outlaws.


Official Results:
David C – 00:44:45
Kevin H – 00:46:03
Lorraine – 00:46:18 – 1st in class
Roland – 00:53:52
Ana – 00:56:53
Gemma – 00:56:54
Bob L – 00:59:33
Will – 01:00:52
Jade – 01:04:17
Marie – 01:04:49
Chris L – 01:05:01
Cam – 01:08:55
Andy – 01:09:00
Debs – 01:17:41
Vikki – 01:23:35
Mark – 01:23:36
Catherine – 01:25:54
Shirley – 01:28:48
David S – 01:31:18
Gill – 01:34:48
Angie – 01:34:49

Supported by:
Kevin B
Kevin S
Teresa A